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This Is How Many People In This World Start Out & End Up

This Is How Many People In This World Start Out & End Up

1. During childhood, many children in this world are given a lot of sweets, cakes, sugary cereals, biscuits, icy poles, ice cream and lemonade. They then become addicted to sugar, because sugar is a highly addictive substance.

2. Children are also given plenty of gluten in the form of sandwiches, cakes, biscuits, pies, pasties, battered food & cereal. They then become addicted to gluten products because gluten is also a highly addictive substance.

3. As a result of eating too much sugar, children suffer from B group deficiency, which causes many of them to scream in the playground, at shopping centres & at home, to cry easily, to have tantrums, to bully other children, to constantly disobey their parents, to suffer from bouts of depression and experience mood swings.

Many children become constantly angry & fight with their parents and siblings, and even become physically abusive towards each other. This behaviour can continue into adulthood.

4. Then children become teenagers and that's when the fun for parents really begins. Because sugar unbalances teenager's minds and their bodies, they start to crave alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. This only makes teenager's negative behaviour become even worse.

Sugar & gluten both affect the impulse part of teenager's brains, so they start to do whatever they feel like, even when it displeases their parents, for example staying out all night, having casual sex, drinking too much and driving cars too fast.

The worst time to give a teenager their car license is when they turn eighteen years old, because that is the time when they are constantly going to all their friend's eighteenth birthday parties, and getting drunk. Their brains also do not mature until the age of twenty five, so they are not yet able to see the consquences of their actions. As a result they end up mixing alcohol, drugs and medications with driving.

This is the time too where because teenagers get constantly drunk, they end up having unprotected sex, and as a result many teenage girls become either pregnant, or catch some disease from their partner who is probably sleeping around.

Many teenagers are now out of control with alcohol binging, drugs and medication overdoses, so they are constantly ending up at hospitals, putting even more of a strain on a system that is already under severe stress from a shortage of doctors and nurses, and from a lack of funding and support.

Sugar & gluten already makes many teenagers aggressive, swear a lot, be rude and disrespectful towards their parents, their teachers, their siblings and the police, so of course all the alcohol and drugs just makes everything much worse for everyone.

5. Sugar unbalances teenager's minds and bodies, so that they only desire all the wrong kinds of food. Sugar and gluten also makes teenagers crave more and more food. As a result of this, teenagers just want to eat junk food, because most junk food is filled with addictive sugar and gluten.

6. Because both sugar and gluten causes teenagers to feel stressed, tired, angry, aggressive, anxious, moody & depressed, they then look for something to relax them or wake them up, so they start to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, take drugs, medication and basically anything they can get their hands on, to make themselves feel better.

Because most teenagers do not know that sugar and gluten are making them feel tired, all they want to do is sleep in a lot. They also experience a complete lack of motivation as a reaction to gluten, so they argue a lot with their parents, for criticizing and nagging them for sleeping in, and not being motivated to do anything with their lives.

7. Many parents still not know about the effects of sugar and gluten on the minds and bodies of their teenage children, so they constantly fight and argue with them, and before the parents know it, there is considerable distance being created in their relationships with their children.

8. As a result of the friction and distance created with their parents, teenagers then spend more and more time alone in their bedrooms, talking with their friends on their phones, and going to parties to drink and take drugs, in order to forget about their problems with their parents and just relax. 

9. If the parents are lucky enough, their child may grow out of wanting to drink excessively, but many teenagers don't stop and drink heavily right into adulthood.

10. So because everyone in the family is now reacting to sugar and gluten, drinking alcohol and maybe taking drugs as well, the family unit becomes completely dysfunctional. Every time they try to get together, arguing and fighting breaks out, so in the end, family get togethers become less and less.

The fighting and arguing often spills out on to the next door neighbours, and before you know it, the neighbours become bitter enemies with them over the smallest of issues.

11. So nowadays many adults drink excessively and take drugs, because they still do not know that sugar and gluten are behind their negative feelings and addictive behaviour. Many people in this world, spend their whole lives drinking and taking drugs right to end of their lives.

12. Then there is marriage. People fall deeply and madly in love with each other, so they want to become committed to each by getting married. After the honeymoon feelings wear off, they begin to find faults with each other and start to constantly pick on, nag, judge and criticize each other more and more.

All that time, not knowing that sugar and gluten are making them both feel negative, irritable, depressed, stressed & angry, one or both of them turns to alcohol, drugs or an affair, which only makes things become even more heated up between them. Violence is usually the next step for many couples.

There are many husbands who react negatively to sugar and gluten, by emotionally and/or physically abusing their wives and children, and there are also many wives who react to sugar and gluten, by constantly criticizing and verbally attacking their husbands and children. Many wives even become physically abusive too.

13. So finally in the end, when both the husband and the wife have had enough of the constant fighting through the years, without knowing about the effects of sugar and gluten on their behaviour towards each other, they naturally just think they are not suited and that their relationship is toxic, so they decide to become divorced.

14. Now that the parents are divorced, the children are suffering emotionally from their parent's seperation, and wondering why their parents could not work out their problems peacefully, and then their parents begin a second war over their legal custody rights.

Because the parents still do not know about the effects of sugar and gluten on their brains, things then start to get very unpleasant indeed. There will be many ugly confrontations whenever they have to share access with their children.

The children are then caught up in the middle of the war, 
and are the ones who really suffer, because they love both of their parents. The children have to then grow up watching their parents constantly judging and criticizing each other, whenever they stay with each parent. 
Many husbands eventually snap emotionally and kill their ex wives, out of sheer anger and hatred. Of course, there are women who snap too and kill their ex husbands out of anger.

15. So as a result of all the fighting in marriages, children copy the behaviour of their parents, and end up making the same mistakes themselves when they become adults, and they too become unhappily divorced.

16. As if divorces, dyfunctional families, depression, alcoholism, cigarette addiction and drug addiction is not enough, sugar also causes many people to become obese, lose many of their teeth and eventually become diabetic.

Gluten also causes many people to develop depression, obesity and eventually Bi-Polar. 60% of people in our society now have Bi-Polar. To find out more about diabetes and 
Bi-Polar, please check out my website. 

If you truly want to feel peaceful, stress free, loving and happy, then do yourself a favor and stay away from sugar and gluten. Only buy gluten free products and replace sugar with Natvia:
or any other product with stevia.

For help with finding Sugar and Gluten free food, check out my blog List of Sugar, Gluten and Dairy Free Food on my website.

And for more information about all the dangers of sugar, the effects of gluten and all the health benefits of stevia, please look at my website.

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