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Greedy Sociopaths Are Making Money Out Of Us

Nearly everything that is advertised on television, sold in supermarkets and chemists, is unhealthy for our minds and bodies. 

If we went back to what God intended for us to eat, the health of our minds and bodies would improve greatly. We would not need to visit the doctor so much.

In order to become mentally and physically healthy, we need to eat plenty of organic fruit, vegetables, brown rice, nuts, herbs and seeds. 

We need to drink 2 to 3 litres of purified water daily to eliminate toxins from our bodies..

We need to eliminate all forms of toxic sugar from our diet. Sugar makes us fat, rots our teeth, creates inflammation and feeds cancer cells. 

Sugar also damages our pancreas, so the more sugar you have in your diet, the more chance you have of developing diabetes. 

Replace sugar with the herb stevia. Two great products are Natvia: and Sugarless Organic Stevia, which you can find in the sugar section of Woolworths.

We need to also remove toxic gluten from our diet. Gluten damages the neurotransmitters in our brains, and interferes with our brain's ability to create the feel good chemical serotonin, which we really need to help make us feel happy, and able to cope with our daily challenges. 

Gluten also makes us fat, very tired, unmotivated, mentally unbalanced and creates inflammation throughout our entire body. Replace gluten with organic brown rice. 

For more information about sugar, gluten and healthy food, please look at the pages sugar, gluten allergy and healthy food on my website.

Carrageenan Side Effects Not So Safe And Natural


Did you know…consuming this “natural” food additive can have fatal consequences?

Although it’s usually listed as a “natural” ingredient on food labels, a common food additive called carrageenan, 
a highly processed derivative of red seaweed) is anything but healthful.

Unfortunately, in 2012, the FDA rejected a petition protect public health by banning the use of carrageenan. Dr. Joanne Tobacman, a physician-researcher at the University of Illinois-Chicago College of Medicine, filed the petition because she is convinced carrageenan side effects are hazardous to human health.

Why is Carrageenan Added and Why is It Dangerous?

Carrageenan is used as a texturizer for a wide range of foods and beverages. Dr. Tobacman, author of 18 peer-reviewed studies on the biological effects of carrageenan, has shown ingesting foods containing carrageenan can cause inflammation.

In fact, drug developers used to administer carrageenan to cause tissue inflammation when testing the anti-inflammatory properties of new products.

Dr. Andrew Weil has cautioned against the consumption of carrageenan for over a decade. “All forms of carrageenan side effects are capable of causing inflammation. This is bad news, writes Dr. Weil. He goes on to explain inflammation is “a root cause” of a number of serious illnesses, such as…

• Heart disease
• Gastrointestinal disorders
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Parkinson’s disease
• Diabetes
• Cancer

“All told, I recommend avoiding…foods containing carrageenan,” concludes Weil.

FDA Picks Profits Over Public Health

Though available research indicates carrageenan side effects can cause a host of problems, the FDA refuses to impose limitations on its use. Charlotte Vallaeys, director of Farm and Food Policy for non-profit food policy research group Cornucopia, believes the evaluation conducted by the FDA was “sloppy and incomplete.”

Vallaeys says the FDA denial of Tobacman’s petition to ban carrageenan was “riddled with overt bias which appears to protect an industry’s profits at the expense of public health.”

The FDA’s decision is even more inexplicable considering this fact:

FACT: Tobacman discovered that the FDA has had sufficient evidence from animal studies to limit the use of carrageenan in foods since 1972. In the rejection to the petition, the FDA claimed the studies, some carried out with funding from the National Institutes of Health, were “disputed.”

The so-called “dispute” comes from Duika Burges Watson, a geography professor at Durham University in the United Kingdom, Watson has no medical background.

As Vallaeys wisely points out: “It is unclear why the FDA would place higher value on the opinion of a social scientist from the UK than on the medical studies founded by the National Institutes of Health.”

Carrageenan Side Effects: As “Safe” As Intestinal Poison Ivy

Though it’s still legal to use carrageenan, increasing consumer awareness about its negative impact on the human body has put food and beverage companies on edge.

However, these companies are reluctant to relinquish a useful additive like carrageenan—so instead they are spreading misinformation. Many of the claims are centered on the idea that because carrageenan is natural, it must be safe.

“Natural does not mean safe,” says Vallaeys. “Poison ivy is natural, but you wouldn’t put it in skin lotion…carrageenan side effects appear to do to your gut what poison ivy does to your skin.”

Cornucopia is calling for the FDA to reevaluate the petition to ban carrageenan. Until then, it’s up to shoppers to search from carrageenan-free products. A guide to truly safe, all-natural brands can be found on Cornucopia’s website.

Concerned consumers can also contact their local lawmakers and the FDA to voice their opinions.

And finally, we must remember that dollars are often even more powerful than votes. If consumers stop buying products that contain “natural” carrageenan, food manufacturers will be forced to listen.

Read more:

What A Narcissist Will Do To A Person


1 in 25 people are psychopaths. As awareness spreads, they find it harder and harder to manipulate others. Share this photo to educate & protect your friends from these social predators.

Money Hypnosis Videos

Natural Hypnosis
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How To Attract Wealth

I believe that it is fine to have plenty of money, but just as long as you use it for the good of mankind, and you enjoy sharing your wealth with others.

It is far more important what is in your heart than what is in your bank account. Money in the right hands can be a powerful tool for helping to make this world a better place. 

Remember you cannot take your money to heaven, you can only take all the love that you have in your heart. That is the only thing God will be looking for when you face Him.

We all have a life review when we go back to heaven. For our own spiritual growth we have to feel all the love we gave to others, as well as all the pain we caused others. 

So while you are here, try to spend your time sharing your love, happiness and wealth with everyone around you. It 
really is more fun that way. I have never seen a happy, selfish wealthy person yet. 

They are usually miserable, drink too much alcohol, take drugs and try to buy more and more things, to cover that empty feeling they have inside. True happiness comes from giving and sharing. 

Many wealthy people hide their insecurities with money, and also try to fill up that bottomless pit of not feeling important and lovable. They try to make more and more money, but it is never enough to fill in that empty hole.

Love Yourself (Subliminal Affirmations)
Real Subliminal
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When we are not loved enough as children, we tend to grow into adults who look for things around us, to fill in that feeling of not being loved. Unfortunately no amount of things and other people will ever be enough to do this for us, no matter how much we buy or how many relationships we have.

We have to learn to love ourselves and regain our self-esteem. No one can do that for us except ourselves. So I suggest you order these great products Love Yourself & Self-Esteem Boost from Real

When you are wealthy and you spoil others to make them love you, this not the solution either. If someone does not want to work and offer their services to the world, then they are not the kind of person you share your wealth with. If you do, you are only enabling them to become just another burden to society, instead of a blessing. They will end up not respecting you and will take full of advantage of you.

So in order to be a happy, sharing and caring wealthy person, it is very important to learn to love yourself and regain your self-esteem. I highly recommend all of these following websites to help you do that. 

I highly suggest you order Self Worth from Natural Hypnosis
which I have posted at the top of this blog. It's fantastic. Self Worth really helps you to regain your self-esteem, so that you will think you are worthy enough to have plenty of money.
Play it until you feel that you are ten foot tall while you are walking. I love it, I play it every day. Makes me feel wonderful.

Real Subliminal

Potentials Unlimited

Natural Hypnosis

Hope these videos help you to become happy, healthy and wealthy. When you do, please remember to share your love, happiness and wealth with others less fortunate like starving children, homeless people and war orphans.

This first video is for Australians

Money flows to you when you watch this


Abundance Affirmations

You can actually SPEAK money into your life

Be a Powerful Money Magnet

Money Magnet Subliminal (Intense)

I Love Money

Positive Affirmations 
For Success & Money

Deep Sleep Programming For Attracting Money



Positive Affirmations For Women


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