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Sugar Addiction & Gluten Allergy Are Breaking Down The Fabric Of Society

Sugar Addiction & Gluten Allergy Are Breaking Down The Fabric Of Society

It's a sad thing, that no matter how much I warn people about all the dangers of sugar, and how both sugar and gluten can cause many people to suffer depression, unless you become diabetic or suffer from gluten allergy, you will not stop having them in your diet.
Sugar and gluten are highly addictive substances, that do incredible damage to our brains and our bodies. Sugar and gluten are in so many foods now, and everywhere you look you are tempted by sweet sugary foods and foods that are made with gluten.
I totally blame sugar and gluten for the huge rise in mental illness, depression, obesity, bullying, diabetes, bi-polar, violence, alcoholism, cigarette addiction & drug addiction.
Ever since we introduced sugar and gluten in to our western diet, our behaviour and our health has become worse and worse. The higher the amounts of sugar and gluten we have added to our modern diets, the higher the rise in numbers of people who suffer from mental and physical illnesses.
If you look at tribes that still exist in this world, who do not have sugar and gluten in their diets, the natives appear to be happy, peaceful, loving and sociable. The children are relaxed and laugh a lot. They do not have mental illness or suffer from bad health.
The Aboriginal natives here in Australia were fine until the English hit their shores, and introduced them to a diet which had lots of salt, sugar and white flour. Nowadays many Aboriginals are alcoholic and addicted to cigarettes. Many have lost their motivation to work and many have become diabetic. That's what sugar and gluten do to you.
Many people still do not understand the damage sugar and gluten can do to our brains. The more I read about all the effects sugar and gluten have on our brains, the more I am convinced that they are largely responsible for the present breakdown of our society.
I will even be brave enough to say, that I believe that sugar and gluten bring out the darkness in many people. If you hear someone swearing a lot, check out how much sugar & gluten they have in their diet, I bet it's plenty.
I have seen with my own eyes people becoming mentally balanced, loving & peaceful again, after they gave up sugar and gluten. They even lost their desire for alcohol and cigarettes.
All you have to do if you don't believe me, is type in the words gluten & depression, sugar & depression, gluten & bi-polar, sugar & alcoholism, sugar & cigarette addiction on the internet, and you will see what I am trying to warn everyone about.
But alas, my warnings are falling on mostly deaf ears, because sugar & gluten are so highly addictive to many people, that unless they become diabetic or become gluten intolerant, they will not stop, no matter what I write.
It is like if you were wanting to give up alcohol, but everywhere you went, it was in your face, you would find it extremely hard to give alcohol up, especially if all your friends are drinking alcohol too.
Well that's what it is like with sugar & gluten, they are virtually everywhere you look, it has become part of our life, people on television and in magazines, are forever creating recipes with heaps of sugar and gluten to tempt you. So many people are addicted to chocolate, but if the chocolate did not have tons of sugar in it, people would lose interest in it.
The popular show Better Homes and Gardens is always creating extremely unhealthy recipes, loaded with sugar (which is known to damage the pancreas, therefore causing diabetes), as well as icing sugar, castor sugar, tons of butter and plenty of gluten, but then the funny part is, they have created a magazine for Diabetics. So it's a win win for them, isn't it. It is all about making money out of us, that is all, simple.
Anyway, I will still press on, none the less, and keep posting information that backs my claims that sugar and gluten, are behind so many mental and physical health problems in this modern world.
If you are interested in becoming healthy, mentally balanced, peaceful, happy, loving, slimmer, younger looking and more energetic, then give up all forms of sugar and replace it with Natvia: and only buy gluten free products.
For information about all the dangers of sugar and the effects of gluten, please check out my website. I have also written a blog called A List of Sugar, Gluten & Dairy Free Food to help people to know what to buy.
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