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The Prison System Is Wrong

I have always believed that our prison system needs an overhaul. Yes, we should protect society from murderers, child molesters and rapists but the way we treat prisoners in jail is wrong.
I am not saying that people who commit crimes should not be punished, I am saying that in order to stop prisoners who are released back into society, from reoffending, we should spring clean the way the prison system is run.
The majority of prisoners have been emotionally, physically or sexually abused as children. Many did not have fathers at all in their lives, or they had physically violent fathers present who were not suitable role models. Some had mothers who did not show them any love or attention as children.
Many had parents who were drug addicts & alcoholics. Many had parents who constantly fought emotionally and physically with each other infront of them as children.
Many tried to blot out their inner pain by becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol which influenced  their negative behaviour. Some could have been born with brain damage. Some could have an allergy to gluten which can cause depression, aggression & bi-polar. And some could have a sensitivity to sugar which can make them become emotionally unbalanced.
Sadly our governments do not want to spend enough time and money on prisoners to successfully rehabilitate them and so as a result many prisoners reoffend, winding up back in jail.
 I believe that if prisoners were put on a sugar and gluten free diet, were given a B Group vitamin supplement every day, were able to listen daily to Attracting Love, Self-Confidence, Healing Past Abuse & Stop Being Angry hypnotherapy cds by Potentials Unlimited ( through speakers in the prison, were encouraged to pray & meditate every morning, were given affirmations to say at least twice a day and were shown more respect as humans, many would improve considerably.
When I was twenty I had very low self-esteem and I did not love myself at all. Much later on in life I learnt to regain my self-esteem and self-love by listening daily to the hypnotherapy cds Attracting Love & Self-Confidence by Potentials Unlimited.
To heal from all the emotional abuse I suffered and to get rid of the anger I felt towards my abusers, I listened constantly to Healing Past Abuse and Stop Being Angry by Potentials Unlimited.
To become assertive and not let abusive people control me anymore, I read the books Your Erroneous Zones and Pulling Your Own Strings by Doctor Wayne Dyer. To protect myself from abusive men, I read the book The Men Who Hate Women & The Women Who Love Them by Doctor Susan Forward.
Every day I read positive affirmations outloud to myself. I also became much more loving, happier and peaceful when I eliminated sugar and gluten from my diet. A healthy diet creates a healthy mind.
Many of us tend to judge what we don't understand. If we saw every prisoner's life from the time they were born to when they committed their crimes we would all understand why they did what they did. Sure what 
they did was terrible but I believe that if someone does not love themselves they cannot love others, therefore they will not care what
they do to others. 
Sadly we show more kindness, compassion, understanding & patience towards animals that have been abused than we do to our fellow human beings in prison. Surely putting a emotionally messed up person in a small cell can only bring out the worst in them. 
If God & our Guardian Angels love us unconditionally and never leave our sides, no matter what good or bad we do, surely we can show the same courtesy towards prisoners.
So it is really quite simple, many prisoners have very low self-esteem & do not love themselves, so as a result they do wrong things to themselves and society.
The most important and humane thing we could do for prisoners is to show compassion towards them by teaching them how to love themselves and regain their self-esteems.
So many people in this world do not love themselves and have low self-esteem. They judge themselves harshly, feel guilty about all the mistakes they have made and can not forgive themselves.
Because of this we have always tended to judge those who committ crimes rather harshly without wanting to know the whole story. Throughout the centuries, revengful people have screamed out "Hang them, torture them, whip them, burn them, throw stones at them, electrocute them, do the same back to them, put them in jail and throw away the key!" etc etc...
As a psychic counsellor, I have always wanted to know the reasons why people commit crimes so that I can understand more about human nature, in order to help people to love themselves again.

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