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My Blog

How To Help Heal The World

To Heal The World We Must Heal Ourselves

If you wish to transform yourself to help heal the world,
please check out:
Potentials Unlimited
All the hypnotherapy titles come with two parts:
Self-Hypnosis - You will hear all the words and phrases.
Generally under 45 minutes.
Subliminal - Same script masked by the music.
The following titles are what I have listened to and
helped to transform me. I highly recommend them.
They worked for me and all my clients over the years.
~ Sony Crystal
SKU: 019MS - #25 Chakra Meditation MS 
Use Self Hypnosis to balance and harmonize the
energies of your chakras. With Chakra Meditation
you unleash incredible cosmic and psychic powers,
powers that benefit all mankind.
This Chakra Meditation tape will help. Activate, balance
and direct the energy of each chakra by using this
self- help MP3, CD or cassette. You can expect greater
mental, spiritual and cosmic awareness as this Self Hypnosis
Subliminal Persuasion recording guides you to become
more and more aligned with your true purpose.
For a quick and easy start, download your MP3 today!
The Subliminal Component to this version of Chakra
Meditation has easy listening music. Please listen to
Audio Sample.
SKU: 059MS - #14 How to Attract Love MS 
Do you know How to Attract Love? Through the
mental processes contained in this program, your
consciousness can be magnetized and will
automatically draw to you the love that you desire.
This can happen as a totally natural process when
you expand your "love awareness".
Open up your mind, relax and attract the love that you
desire. Do it today, do it now! This tape is available
in self help MP3, CD or Cassette.
The Subliminal Component to this version of
How To Attract Love has easy listening music.
Please listen to Audio Sample.
*(How To Attract Love helps you to love yourself and others too.
You can also listen to it even if you are in a relationship, as it will
help you to become more loving to your partner. ~ Sony Crystal)
SKU: 115MS - #05 Self Confidence MS 
Give yourself a great gift, the gift of Self Confidence.
Develop the Self Confidence to say "No" without feeling
guilty. Acquire the self-assurance to feel relaxed and at
ease around people you know and meet.
Barrie Konicov says that the road to a more confident
you begins with this Self Confidence tape.
Self Confidence Self Hypnosis Subliminal Persuasion
tape is available on MP3, CD, Cassette, DVD and VHS.
Start on the road to a more confident you today, purchase
the Self Confidence MP3 today!
The Subliminal Component to this version of Self-Confidence
has easy listening music. Please listen to Audio Sample
SKU: 163MS - Abuse Healed through Forgiveness MS 
This Abuse Healed through Forgiveness Self Hypnosis
Subliminal Persuasion tape, will lead you to the inner
peace that you seek. Forgiveness is a quiet, inner action
that requires courage and a willingness to take the first step.
When Barrie Konicov wrote and recorded this,
Abuse Healed through Forgiveness tape, he did it so
it wouldbe as gentle and as loving as possible.
This self help MP3 is also available in a CD version too.
Download yours and allow forgiveness to heal you. 
SKU:075MS - #22 I Want to be Happy MS 
Do you want to become a happier person? Use
this powerful I Want to be Happy Self Hypnosis
Subliminal Persuasion tape. You have within you
the power to be happy.
I Want to be Happy will guide you to concentrate
on peaceful, harmonious thoughts.
This I Want to be Happy self help MP3, CD or Cassette
will bring you joy, happiness, and enthusiasm.
Download your MP3 now, and let the happiness begin.
The Subliminal Component to this version of
I Want To Be Happy has easy listening music.
Please listen to Audio Sample
SKU: 124MS - #24 Stop Being Angry MS 
When you feel angry, blow your cool, turn into
that negative "other" person; events, situations
and people respond to you in a similar manner.
Stop Being Angry offers a better way.
There's no need to tear yourself (or others) up
inside. Learn the secret of letting go as taught
by Barrie Konicov.
This Stop Being Angry tape is available in
self help CD, MP3 and cassette format.
The Subliminal Component to this version of
Stop Being Angry has easy listening music.
Please listen to Audio Sample
SKU: 098MS - Peace of Mind MS
How many times have you thought,
"I would give anything for a little peace of mind!"
This Peace of Mind tape could bring you what you
are seeking. Remove worries, problems and the
concerns you have so that you can live at peace
once again!
This Peace of Mind self help tape is available in
MP3, CD and cassette format.

There are two sides to Peace Of Mind. One side is
where you will hear the hypnotherapist's voice and
the other side is the subliminal version of Peace of Mind,
which has easy listening music.
SKU: 086MS - #04 Money Prosperity MS 
Prosperity and financial success come from
90% preparedness and 10% action. You must
become the change you seek. If you want wealth
and financial success, then you must attract
Money Prosperity through the power of your mind.
Experts say you cannot become rich in your pocket
until you become rich in your mind. Wealthy people
are not necessarily smarter or harder working than
you, yet, there is a subtle difference in their thinking
and self-image that turns whatever they touch into gold.
Begin preparing your consciousness to attract the riches
you seek. Awaken the financial genius within you, now.
Money Prosperity is available in self help MP3s, CD,
Cassette and DVD format. Download the MP3 now
and start preparing for success.
The Subliminal Component to this version of
Money Prosperity has easy listening music.
Please listen to Audio Sample.
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