List of Sugar And Gluten Free Food
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List of Sugar And Gluten Free Food

List Of Sugar And Gluten Free Food

This list has taken me many years of trial and 
error to create. When you first become a diabetic,
it takes a long time to know what is safe to eat. Always look for a product that contains only 6 grams of sugar or less per serving.
When you become allergic to gluten, sometimes
it can be so hard to know what to eat, as there are many foods that contain gluten these days. So called healthy gluten free foods also contain toxic ingredients, that do incredible damage to our intestines, which is not very helpful when you are gluten intolerant and trying to heal your intestines.

I hope that this list of sugar and gluten free food will make it easier for anyone who is diabetic, sensitive to sugar and is gluten intolerant, to be able to know what they can buy. 

If I can think of anything else to add to this list, I shall do so later. You can save, copy and print out this list. Below are links to many of the food products on this list.

Sugar And Gluten Free Food


Organic Fruit & Vegetables  W, R & G 
Organic Dates   W, R & G 
Himalayan Salt  W, R & G 
Macro Organic Australian Almonds  W  
Macro Organic Australian Cashews  W 
Macro Organic Australian Macadamia Nuts  W
Macro Organic Australian Brazil Nuts  W 
Clipper Super Special Organic Coffee R & G 
Clipper Super Special Organic Decaf R & G 
Republica Organic Decaf W 
Clipper Organic Dandelion Teabags G
Planet Organic English Breakfast Teabags G
Planet Organic Earle Grey Teabags G
Planet Organic Peppermint Teabags G
Absolute Superfood Organic Raw Cacao Powder R Natvia (Healthy Sugar Substitute) W & R
Simply Organic Ground Cinnamon  R
Simply Organic Turmeric   R
Simply Organic Cayenne  R
Simply Organic All Purpose Seasoning R
Simply Organic Garlic Salt R
Simply Organic Paprika R
Fountain No Added Sugar Tomato Sauce with Natvia   W
Nuttalex Olive Lite Margarine Lactose & Gluten Free W & R
Mainland Organic Spreadable Butter R & W
Macro Organic Milk  W
Absolute Organic Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil W
Lemnos Organic Fetta Cheese W & R
Nature First Organic Apple Cider Vingegar R 
Macro Organic Virgin Coconut Oil W & R
Organic Free Range Eggs W, R & G
Frozen Oob Organic Mixed Berries W
Lakewood Organic Pomegranate Juice    R
Absolute Organic Australian Popcorn Seeds R

*W - Woolworths *R -  Ritchies *G -  Greenline Organic          

Greenline Organic  

(Greenline Organic delivers to all suburbs in Melbourne, and Country Victoria)

Replace all processed foods containing gluten with plenty of organic fruit, vegetables, nuts, herbs and seeds.

*Avoid all gluten free processed foods and drinks containing the toxic thickening agent carrageenan. Carrageenan destroys the lining of your intestines, and causes cancer.

Drink organic coffee, peppermint tea, green tea with lemon myrtle, and plenty of purified water. 

Have only one to two daily cups of Clippers Super Special Organic Coffee.

Clipper Super Special Organic Coffee 
Available at Ritchies

Republica Organic Decaf
Available at Woolworths 

Replace sugar with Natvia: 
Available at Woolworths & Ritchies

Lakewood 100% Sugar Free Fruit Juices
(Available at Ritchies)

Replace tap water with purified water 

Waters Co Australia

*Be careful when buying gluten free foods
because many of them have way too much
sugar in them. Look for products that only
have 6 grams of sugar or less per serving
and you should be ok.

*One thing you have to watch out for if
you are gluten intolerant or celiac, is gluten
free food that contains carrageenan, lecithin,
polysorbate-80, polyglycerois and xanthan gum. 

These obnoxious ingredients wreak havoc 
with our already damaged intestines, and before
you know it, you are back on medication for
severe intestinal inflammation. Here is a link
to learn more:

Emulsifiers in packaged foods are wreaking havoc with our digestive tracts:

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eggplant recipe on Monday, 11 March 2013 5:26 PM
What an enlightening blog regarding List of Sugar, Gluten & Dairy Free Food! I am a diabetic patient, so I must follow your food items to save my from diabetics. I think that it will be handy to all of us. Thanks.
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Sony Crystal on Tuesday, 12 March 2013 9:28 AM
Thank you very much for your compliment regarding my blog. Really appreciate it. :)

wise food storage coupon on Monday, 8 July 2013 8:50 PM
I am totally agree that people who first become a diabetic,it takes a long time to figure out what is safe to eat and what not
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Pistachios And Mushroom on Wednesday, 24 July 2013 11:28 PM
Real food includes fresh, seasonal and sustainable foods. These foods are delicious and also healthy.
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I am a diabetic patient, so I must follow your food items to save my from diabetics. I think that it will be handy to all of us. Thanks.
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