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Underactive Thyroid Symptoms

The following are some of the major symptoms and signs associated with an underactive thyroid.
Some symptoms are more significant than others.

* Depression
* Weight gain
* Difficulty losing weight
* Low energy – fatigue
* Cold natured
* Ice-cold hands or feet
* Dry skin
* Hair loss (alopecia)
* Slowed thinking,
* Poor concentration
* Brain fog
* Memory problems
* Insomnia, poor sleep
* Waking up exhausted
* Tingling in hands and feet
* Muscle pain
* Edema (swelling in ankles)
* Constipation
* Slow heart rate
* Low blood pressure
* Elevated cholesterol
* Thickened tongue
* Anemia
* Thinned eyebrows
* Muscle cramps at night
* Slow reflexes
* Your skin itches in the winter
* Recurrent headaches
* Decreased sweating
* Multiple miscarriages and infertility
* Pale, puffy, pasty skin
* Decreased body hair
* Vertigo (dizziness)
* Hoarse voice
* Fibrocystic breasts
* Low body temperature (below 98.6 degrees)
The first thing I would suggest you do is stop having any processed foods containing gluten. Your body regards gluten as a foreign invader, and triggers your own immune system into attacking all parts of your body, including your thyroid. 

Avoid most processed gluten free food too, because they usually contain toxic emulsifiers that do more harm to your whole body. It is best just to eat organic fruit, vegetables, brown rice, nuts, herbs and seeds.
You can make some healthy smoothies and drink herbal teas. This is the best way you could help to heal your thyroid.

9 Foods to Avoid with Hypothyroidism

Here is a wonderful product that can help alleviate the symptoms of an underactive thyroid. I have used it myself and it really does work. I have posted for you a review from a customer who was more than happy with this product. It can take from two weeks to two months (depending on how damaged your thyroid is) for you to regain your energy, and to feel like your happy old self again.

Now Food Thyroid Energy 180 capsules

One of the reviews:

Thyroid Energy Formula has helped with my thyroid problem so much. My hair has grown back and is much thicker than it was. I have had no side effects at all. I really like this product. I wanted to write a little more of a review so I can help other people. 

For years I had hair loss and extreme fatigue along with a lot of other symptoms. I was told that all the testing was normal. I had a huge lump in the front of my neck that hurt and the doctor said it was normal. I knew in my heart that something was wrong. 

I went to another doctor and on the first visit he said I think you have a thyroid problem. He did tests and the result was my thyroid was no longer working at all. I was so happy that I almost started crying with relief. I knew my life was going to be so much better. 

I was put on medication and it helped a little. I was frustrated so I started looking for a more natural remedy. I started taking the now brand thyroid supplement. I felt better within two weeks and I get better every day. I have my old life back now and can do the things that I used to do. 

If writing this review helps someone who is suffering, that will rock my world. If you are feeling sick and are being told nothing is wrong go get another opinion now. You can have thyroid problems even though the tests are normal. 

I had to sleep with a c-pap machine at night because the goiter in my neck was so big it narrowed my airway. and my old doctor called that normal. Because of the thyroid energy formula the lump is completely gone and I am not on the c-pap anymore. I hope that I have helped someone by writing about my story. hopefully someone else will do the same.

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