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        Toxic Sugar
In order for your body to digest white sugar, it has to completely deplete itself of the B group vitamins. The main symptoms of B group vitamin deficiency are: depression, irritability, insomnia and memory loss.
So it stands to reason the more sugar we consume, the more irritable and depressed we can become. Many people feel so stressed, irritable & aggressive that they become emotionally and physically abusive towards their partners and their children.
Thousands of people all around the world feel depressed so much, that they spend years stuck on extremely addictive anti-depressants.
Many are not even aware that sugar and gluten could be making them feel depressed, stressed, irritable and aggressive. 

To find out more about sugar & depression have a look at the page The Dangers Of Sugar.

Look at the page B group vitamins to see what can happen to our minds when we are deficient in these vitamins.

Here are links to learn about all the dangers of sugar.
Furth, A. and Harding, J. "Why Sugar Is Bad For You.
" New Scientist.”Sep 23, 1989;44. ....
“Effects of Sugars on Indices on Glucose Tolerance
in Humans. ...  - Cached - Cached

Sugar can cause depression.
Sugar can increase the body's fluid retention.
Sugar can cause hormonal imbalance.
Sugar can cause hypertension. ...
Click onto this video to learn about David Gillespie's
new book The Sweet Poison Quit Plan.
David says Sugar makes you fat...


Violence within relationships, marriages and families is also on the rise. Not only do very controlling people with low self-esteem destroy their relationships, there are also many people with a gluten allergy and and a sensitivity to sugar too who can destroy their relationships. 
Both sugar and gluten allergy can cause many people in relationships to become stressed, moody, irritable, paranoid, aggressive, delusional, angry, impatient, argumentative and violent with each other.  
The more sugar and gluten people have in their diets, the more abusive they become in their relationships. Naturally they blame their partners for their negative behaviour, but not their diets because they have not yet learnt about the connection between sugar, gluten and negative behaviour. 
It is still very hard for many people to believe, that our diets can play such a large role in how we feel and behave towards our partners. If only they realized that by just cutting out sugar and all foods containing gluten from their diets, they would within a month start to feel so much more loving, peaceful and happier with each other.

Verbal And Physical Abuse

Both sugar and gluten cause many women to become verbally abusive and many men become physically abusive. They tend to swear a lot too. This is because sugar depletes their bodies of all their feel good B Group Vitamins, and gluten  damages all the neurotransmittors in the brain, which causes many people to feel highly irritable, stressed, angry and aggressive. Usually highly stressed and depressed people turn to alcohol for the answer but that only makes things worse.
If you combine lots of alcohol, which is also full of sugar and gluten (beer is the worst and coca cola which is full of sugar is added to many alcohol drinks), with all the already excess sugar and gluten in their diets, naturally you'll see some very explosive behaviour happening between people.  

Women tend to become verbally abusive to their partners, and men can become both verbally and physically abusive. Sometimes women will become physically abusive too.  Just like a volcano exploding, their anger will become so completely uncontrollable, that some partners will even go as far as to try to kill their loved one. 

Every Week One Australian Woman Is Murdered By 
An Ex Boyfriend 
Or Ex Husband

With all the excess sugar and gluten in men's diets, many controlling men who are very sensitive to these two toxic substances become so aggressive, that their partners cannot prevent them from becoming emotionally and physically abusive towards them, no matter how much they beg and cry for them to stop. 

Many men explode so badly, that even though they love their partners, will go as far as to kill them. 
The more sugar and gluten people have in their diets, the more crazier their behaviour will become. This is why you see more violence within the poorer communities, where all the people can afford to eat is cheap food loaded with heaps of sugar and gluten. You will quite often see them drinking coca cola which has nine teaspoons of sugar per can or bottle. 

Please look at the following pages Gluten Allergy and B Group Vitamins to see how much sugar and gluten affect our minds.

Teenagers & Alcohol
Many teenagers are now drinking too much alcohol & smoking cigarettes these days, because their bodies
have become unbalanced from having too much sugar & gluten in their diets. 
Sugar & gluten causes them to feel irritable, moody,
aggressive, negative, emotionally and physically unbalanced, stressed and depressed so they turn to alcohol & cigarettes to relax them.
Alcohol & cigarettes also contain a lot of sugar, so that only make things worse. On top of all the sugar many teenagers already have in their diets, drinking alcohol only fuels their negative feelings even more, so as a result of this, many teenagers become both verbally and physically aggressive.

Both sugar and gluten are very addictive substances. 
Sugar actually causes many people in the world to
become alcoholics and addicted to cigarettes!
Here are links to learn more about the connection
between sugar, alcohol and cigarettes:
Just in Time for Halloween ...
17 Oct 2006 ... His liver is in the same condition as someone
who had been on a long alcoholic binge: thus firmly establishing
the sugar-alcohol connection. ...

The truth is the presence of sugar in cigarettes is the main
source of lung cancer, based on experimental studies.
This was done by conducting experiments ...
Because our society consumes larger amounts of sugar & gluten more than ever now, many people
are experiencing higher levels of stress, depression, 
irritability and insomnia. 
As a result of having too much sugar & gluten in our
diets, thousands of people all over the world are
becoming overweight, depressed, diabetics & bi-polar.
The pancreas & the brain simply cannot deal with all the unnaturally high volumes of sugar & gluten, that we consume year after year.

Throughout the decades supermarkets have been
bombarding us with more and more sugary & gluten
products. Most cereals, even in the health section, now contain sugar, glucose, dextrose, fructose, honey and other hidden forms of sugar.
Most of the frozen vegan and vegetarian soya meat have sugar, maltodextrose, glucose and dextrose in them. In fact practically most of the health section in supermarkets contains some form of sugar.

I just shake my head now when I look at the so called Health sections. Nearly all other frozen, canned and packaged foods in the supermarkets have sugar in them too.
As a result of our over consumption of sugar and gluten, there has been a high rise in domestic violence, bullying at schools, violence in the streets at night, alcohol binge drinking, depression, obesity, diabetes & bi-polar.
The body was never equipped to deal with so much
sugar and eventually all that energy has to be released somehow. Usually it comes out in the form of anger, depression and aggression.



This is a healthy sugar replacement called Natvia, which is made from organic stevia.


Stevia is beneficial for diabetics as it nourishes the
pancreas. It has other great health benefits as well. Stevia helps you to gradually lose your sugar cravings, and balances your blood sugar levels.

*Warning! Have only four daily teaspoons of Natvia. All sweeteners if taken in excess cause depression, stress, anxiety, irritability, anger, panic attacks and insomnia. Too much stevia can cause some people to experience tingling and numbness in hands and feet. It can also cause bloating and stomach problems.

Health Benefits Of
The Herbal Sweetener Stevia
#    Stevia is ideal for diabetics because blood sugar levels do not rise after eating or drinking it. The blood sugar levels are regulated by stevia and huge swings in levels prevented.
The pancreas is nourished and stimulated by stevia. The body’s tolerance for glucose increases. 
#   By taking 20 to 30 drops of liquid stevia extract
before meals people have quickly brought their blood sugar levels down to a normal level.
Diabetics and people with low blood sugar levels use stevia as a tonic, which increases energy levels and increases mental activity.
Stevia diminishes plaque, the growth and
multiplication of bacteria thus preventing tooth decay. The good effects are amplified by the use of a mouthwash with diluted drops of water-based stevia extract or a toothpaste containing stevia. 
#  Stevia lowers the uric acid levels and is a diuretic.
# Stevia nourishes the stomach, counteracts stomach disorders and is used to help with the eradication of candida albicans in the intestinal tract.
This fungus establishes itself in the intestines and then spreads though the blood circulatory system to other parts of the body. It is regarded as a stepping stone for the outbreak of diseases in the body.
# Stevia cannot be broken down and used for food by fungi, yeast or micro-organisms in the intestines.
It thus also helps to reduce flatulence.
# Stevia hinders excess acid formation and works as an antacid in this respect. Stevia fights the spreading of bacteria, virus and fungus. 
# Stevia nourishes the liver and the gall bladder, on
which it has a regulatory effect. 
# Cravings for sweets, alcohol and nicotine are reduced.
Here are a couple of links to learn more about Stevia:


 *Warning! Have only four daily teaspoons of Natvia. All sweeteners if taken in excess cause depression, stress, anxiety, irritability, anger, panic attacks and insomnia. Too much stevia can cause some people to experience tingling and numbness in hands and feet. It can also cause bloating and stomach proble
           My Son's Reaction
           To Sugar & Gluten
When my son was eight he used to experience mood
swings and depression. He would slam doors, steal money to buy sweets and steal things at school. He was rude, aggressive and constantly disobedient.
He would steal lighters in our home that were left by
visitors and light little fires under his bed or out in the back yard. He was completely obsessed with fire.
During that time I had become a diabetic and had to 
remove sugar from my diet. I also took out gluten
because I was allergic to it. I noticed that after a week of having no sugar or gluten I felt really happy and
peaceful for the first time in my life. 
Out of curiousity I thought I would see how my son would behave if I also took him off sugar & gluten. I replaced the sugar with Natvia: 

Well, within a week or two, EVERYTHING bad that my son was doing just stopped. No more fires, stealing, aggression, depression and mood swings!
He was transformed from a little demon into a loving, happy, caring, considerate and respectful little angel.
My son is 28 years old now and he has not given me any trouble ever since, not even during his teens. He has no desire for alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. He feels happy and peaceful already, so he has no need to take something to relax.
My son's friends comment on the fact that he is so peaceful and doesn't become angry or aggressive. The only time my son ever becomes stressed, angry, moody, disrespectful and depressed is when he has had sugar & gluten!
Even my son can feel the difference in himself and prefers to stay away from sugar & gluten, so that he can always feel emotionally balanced, happy and peaceful.

Many people try to lose weight by replacing sugar but
most of the other artificial sugar substitutes can cause serious damage to your health.  Some may actually cause you to gain weight! Aspartame can worsen the health of a diabetic. Look at the page Aspartame.

A business man told me once that he had a terrible
time getting his five year old daughter to go to bed at
night, and that she would wet her bed frequently.
So I advised him to take her off all forms of sugar,
replace the sugar with and just give her organic bananas for sweets.
Within a week the man rang to tell me that he was now able to settle his daughter down to sleep easily each night, and that she did not wet the bed ever again.
For more information about artifical replacement
sugars and sugar please click on
For more information about gluten read the next page.
This is another website where you read about the link between sugar and cancer.

*Warning! Have only four daily teaspoons of Natvia. All sweeteners if taken in excess cause depression, stress, anxiety, irritability, anger, panic attacks and insomnia. Too much stevia can cause some people to experience tingling and numbness in hands and feet. It can also cause bloating and stomach proble
     The Side Effects Of Sugar

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*Warning! Have only four daily teaspoons of Natvia. All sweeteners if taken in excess cause depression, stress, anxiety, irritability, anger, panic attacks and insomnia. Too much stevia can cause some people to experience tingling and numbness in hands and feet. It can also cause bloating and stomach problems.

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