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Gluten, Sugar & Bi-Polar

In order to digest processed sugar our bodies totally deplete themselves of all the stress fighting & feel good B group vitamins.  As a result of this many of
us who consume way too much sugar, spend most
of our lives experiencing bouts of depression, stress, anxiety, mood swings, aggression, irritability and insomnia. We also develop diabetes and cancer.
This is what happens when you are deficient in the
B group vitamins. Please look at the page B Group Vitamins for more information. 
Gluten Allergy can also cause bi-polar, cancer, obesity, arthritis, depression, irritability, mood swings, aggression, stress, anxiety and panic attacks.   

Gluten is found in bread, cereals, cakes, biscuits, pies, battered frozen foods, pasta and many other products. Here is a link to give you more information about this:
Mar 4, 2010 ... Little did I know how much food itself (and gluten intolerance) would become a major turning point in our lives. I had heard about gluten ...ezine,-Rage,-ADD&id=3867684 - 64k -Similar pages 
If you do suffer from many of the following symptoms, take both gluten & sugar out of your diet (especially if you suffer depression) and see if that helps to alleviate your symptoms.
Try it for at least a month, many people have said that they felt a vast improvement in their state of mind. Thankfully there are many products that are sugar and gluten free now.

Common  Symptoms Of Bi-Polar

Foods That Aggravate Bi-Polar Symptoms

 Symptoms Of Gluten Allergy

Toxic Effects Of Sugar 
On The Mind & Body

List Of Sugar And Gluten Free Food

O Organic Fruit & Vegetables W &

O Organic Dates W, R & G

O Himalayan Salt W, R, & G

O Clipper Super Special Organic Coffee R & G

O Clipper Super Special Organic Decaf R & G

O Clipper Organic Dandelion Teabags G

O Republica Organic Decaf W

O Absolute SuperFood Organic Raw Cacao Powder R

O Natvia (Sugar Substitute) W & R

O Planet Organic English Breakfast Tea Bags G

O Planet Organic Earle Grey Tea Bags G

O Planet Organic Peppermint Tea G

O Simply Organic Ground Cinnamon R

O Simply Organic Cayenne R

O Simply Organic Turmeric R

O Fountain No Added Sugar Tomato Sauce with Natvia W

O Nuttalex Olive Lite Margarine Lactose & Gluten Free W & R

O Macro Organic Milk W

O Absolute Organic Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil R

O Monica's Mixes Gluten Free Organic Paleo Flour R

O Organic Amisa Gluten Free Amaranth & Rice Crispbread R

O Mainland Organic Spreadable Butter W & R

O Nature First Organic Apple Cider Vingegar R

O Macro Organic Virgin Coconut Oil W & R

O Macro Organic Australian Cashews W

O Macro Organic Australian Macadamias W

O Macro Organic Australian Almonds W

O Macro Organic Australian Brazil Nuts W

O Organic Free Range Eggs W & R

O Frozen Oob Organic Mixed Berries W

O Lakewood Organic Pomegranate Juice R

O Absolute Organic Australian Popcorn Seeds R

Many people are now consuming twice the amount of sugar & gluten than previous generations, hence the huge rise in depression, stress & aggression.
It is a known fact that severe stress can bring on Bi-Polar, so it stands to reason that many of us who have consumed plenty of sugar & gluten throughout our lives (therefore experiencing many years of stress & depression), as a result eventually become either Bi-Polar, Diabetic or both. 
Sugar & gluten interfere with neurotransmitters in the brain bringing on mood swings and personality changes. Sugar also damages DNA in embryos causing genetic disorders that could be passed onto future generations.
You may refer to the following link to learn more about all the things that sugar does to our minds and bodies.
Furth, A. and Harding, J. "Why Sugar Is Bad For You." New Scientist.”Sep 23, 1989;44. .... “Effects of Sugars on Indices on Glucose Tolerance in Humans.... 
Even if a person with Bi-Polar is on medication, if they have sugar & gluten, they can still experience severe depression and mood swings.
Sugar & gluten are addictive substances so one solution would be to increase the intake of chromium rich foods, or chromium supplements to assist in reducing sugar cravings. Using the herbal sweetner Stevia would also help reduce sugar cravings. 
Many people now have a yeast inbalance in their digestive system, as a result of having anti-biotics and a diet full of sugar & yeast. To balance the digestive flora in their system they would have to take Inner Health capsules to reduce sugar cravings. 
I believe that a person with Bi-Polar would become much more happier and peaceful if they had a sugar & gluten free diet that included plenty of raw organic fruit & vegetables.
Making sure that their diet has adequate B group vitamins,  Omega 3 fatty acids and a 72 trace element mineral supplement is vital to Bi-Polar sufferers. 
The link below may assist you in learning more about the value of having Omega 3 fatty acids and mineral supplements in a Bi-Polar person's diet. 
a natural cure for bipolar disorder, trace elements (or trace minerals) dramatically improve bipolar disorder, the daily seafood diet is a highly effective treatment. 
If you want to see how much sugar and gluten can affect someone with Bi-Polar, all you have to do is look on the internet and type in Sugar & Bi-Polar, Gluten & Bi-Polar, Sugar & Depression, Gluten & Depression. 
Doctors won't give you this information when they put you on medication for depression or Bi-Polar. Many doctors still do not know the symptoms of gluten allergy or bi-polar.
Many doctors find it much easier and less time consuming to just place people who are depressed on extremely addictive anti-depressants, that many find they can not get off for years no matter how hard they try.

There are some natural treatments that may be useful in treating many cases.
16 Nov 2005 ...
For years doctors have been looking for ways to treat the bipolar...bipolar disorder may soon be treated in a more natural fashion. ...
Cached - Similar 
Natural cures & herbal remedies for the treatment of Bipolar Disorder that really works, it comes with a 1 year money back guarantee.
Cached - Similar 
Natural Treatment for Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression). By Natasha Turner, ND Bipolar Disorder (also known as manic depression) affects more than two ... 
Natural remedies for bipolar disorder should feature calming herbs which are supportive counseling for yourself and work out ways to take time ...These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. ...
Natural cures & herbal remedies for the treatment of Bipolar Disorder that really works, it comes with a 1 year money back guarantee.
Cached - Similar
On the following pages I have more information for you about sugar, gluten, depression, bi-polar & b group vitamins.
I believe that many people today all over the world are suffering from a deficiency in the B group vitamins, which are derived from raw organic fruit, vegetables & nuts.
These days so many of us are unmotivated, too busy, too tired, too broke, too depressed and physically unbalanced to feed ourselves healthy food. You have to be very determined to want to have a happy, loving and peaceful mind enough, to choose a healthy diet.

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