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lstevia              Stevia  

  A Healthy Herbal Sweetener

Health Benefits Of Stevia:
# Stevia is great for diabetics because blood sugar levels do not rise after eating or drinking it.
The blood sugar levels are regulated by stevia and huge swings in levels prevented. The pancreas is nourished and stimulated by stevia. The body’s tolerance for glucose increases.
# By taking 20 to 30 drops of liquid stevia extract before meals people have quickly brought their blood sugar levels down to a normal level.
Diabetics and people with low blood sugar levels use stevia as a tonic, which increases energy levels and increases mental activity.
# Stevia diminishes plaque, the growth and multiplication of bacteria thus preventing tooth decay.
The good effects are amplified by the use of a mouthwash with diluted drops of water-based stevia extract or a toothpaste containing stevia. 
# Stevia lowers the uric acid levels and is a diuretic.
# Stevia nourishes the stomach, counteracts stomach disorders and is used to help with the eradication of candida albicans in the intestinal tract.
This fungus establishes itself in the intestines and then  spreads though the blood circulatory system to other parts of the body. It is regarded as a stepping stone for the outbreak of diseases in the body.
Stevia cannot be broken down and used for food by fungi, yeast or micro-organisms in the intestines. It thus also helps to reduce flatulence.
# Stevia hinders excess acid formation and works as an antacid in this respect. Stevia fights the spreading of bacteria, virus and fungus. 
# Stevia nourishes the liver and the gall bladder, on which it has a regulatory effect. 
# Cravings for sweets, alcohol and nicotine are reduced.
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You can replace sugar with Natvia which is made from organic stevia too. Stevia is a completely natural and healthy herbal sweetener.
You can find Natvia products in the sugar section of most supermarkets. Here are links to learn more about Natvia:

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