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Deborah Bracken Fagerlund posted on Facebook.

Dear Sony

You know I only say what I believe in... you have been a very big inspiration to me and many of us here on Facebook... never forget that... I appreciate all your love and care for our planet earth, our animals, our health... I'm a follower... just so you know.... you are special... and probably meant to be a leader for us all. Huggies to a very special angel on earth.

Tracey Retchford posted on Facebook 
To all my friends on Facebook. Take time out to read about this amazing friend of mine Sony, who always walks her talk. If you need support or just some positive inspirational no nonsense one on one counselling, I urge you to open your heart and let this lady help you. Go to her page and read about her amazing journey.
I reached out to Sony when I needed some advice and she offered me love, support, kindness and unconditional empathy. Sometimes that's all one needs to take that first step, even though my journey is not finished, I know Sony believes in me.
Thankyou my friend, xxxxxxxxx

My Dear Sony
I have so much to thank you for. You gave me the guidance to find the path to happiness. You helped to free me from the burdens that I had been carrying around for years.
You helped me to eliminate things from my life that were making me miserable and unhappy. You taught me to deal with the grief that lay so heavily in my heart.
You taught me to love and accept myself for the person I am, and how to forgive myself for things I had done.You helped me to gain confidence and self-esteem.
You taught me the importance of attracting a good partner, and the consequences of choosing a bad one. You helped me to believe in myself.
I thank you so much because you helped me to heal my life, and gave me the wisdom to become the strong person I am today.
Thank you and Love always
Gillian xxx (Lilydale. Australia)

Dear Sony
When we first met it was at a very bad time in my life,
I had never felt worse. The more we spoke the more I
knew God was looking out for me.
I had a very nice feeling.., it was like I had met an Angel. You have a very healing and refreshing energy all around you Sony. I felt very blessed, happy and safe for the first time after what I had been through in a long time.
The desire you have to help women was surprising and yes there are others who want to help, but nobody has been as supportive and caring as you, not even my best friends or family at times, when I really needed guidance. You have always been there for me, and you have always advised me in the right direction.
You are very psychic, knowledgeable & accurate in all that you say. Sony, I really know that you are truly an Earth Angel as you have proven yourself to me time & time again!!!
I feel blessed to have met you. I thank God every day for giving me the opportunity to meet a real Earth Angel, and I pray that more women also needing help will have the same opportunity of being blessed. There should be more people like you Sony.
You have an amazing gift. You have helped me so much, sometimes I feel that I can't thank you enough.
Remember to take care of yourself because what would we do without you.
GOD BLESS YOU MY ANGEL and thanks again for all your help.
Many thanks always
love from (Epping. Australia)

Hi Sony
You are extraordinarily sweet, continuously sending
beautiful messages and thoughtful notes.
The past couple of months have been extremely hectic, raising 3 teenagers, especially one who has a complete hormonal imbalance, and a husband who wants a divorce (constantly arguing).
So every time I open my outlook, your messages pop up as though they are in conjunction with my current spiritual or physical well being, so therefore I am extremely grateful.
I know I have stated this numerous times before,
however, I need to reiterate again my feelings.
Thank you!
I hope you are doing well!
Take care...and I wish you much love
Mary (Vancouver. BC. Canada)

Dear Sony
Thanks for all your time, you've become the most
strongest & most admirable female figure I've ever
had in my life. Truly you are rare & if anyone is an
Angel it is you.
You help others to help themselves & that makes you
a very remarkable person. Thank you for your friendship and everything you've done for me.
Love Gill (Croydon. Australia)

Dear Sony
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It always amazes me how a virtual stranger can know me better than my life-long friends and perhaps even myself.
Your reading was so accurate - I do have a problem with human nature through feelings of been let down. I have never been physically abused, but I guess emotional abuse is just as debilitating.
I shall certainly take your advice and once again thank you.
Dr Maxine... (America)

Hi Sony
Since following some of your advice about cutting out sugary food and eating healthy, I have lost 18 pounds in weight and feel a million times better. My mind is feeling much clearer now.
Thank you!
Peter (England)
Hi Sony
Thank you for my face reading which was so perfect in every word. You are right about what you've written.
I don't know how to thank you, being so many miles apart. I do feel the way you have described me and I didn't know how to overcome it. Wonder how you could know the exact things I am going through, just by reading my face.
Your gift is really wonderful I must say. Have a blessed day and may your work be recognised all over the world.
Alpana (America)
Dear Sony,
I would like to thank you again for the wonderful meeting with you. I am listening to the hypnosis CDs and they are GREAT!! Thanks.
And I just finished Into the Light - I couldn't put it down. It reiterates my own beliefs and values, and explains so much - a truly moving and profound book.
You are an inspiration and you've been enormously helpful.
Love & best wishes,
Kirri  (Rowville. Australia)

Dear Sony,
Thank you ever so much for all the tools I needed to help myself and your suggested remedy for my son's ongoing coughs that he has had for the last few years.
Coughs have STOPPED !! YEAH !!
I made my poster!! Forever greatful I found you, you were exactly what I needed, keep you posted.
Laddavone (Rowville. Australia)

Thank you very much for my face reading.
Yes I am a very trusting person and like to think
the best of everyone.
I will be on guard regarding Peter and listen to
my intuition more.Yes he appears very much at
ease on the front and I am not always sure that
he is telling me the truth.
Thank you again for your very kind words.
Love, Light & Blessings
Jacinta (Spain)

Hiya Sony,
I gotta tell you how valuable all your emails are.
I forward them onto a select group of people on
my email list regularly, and they are amazed by
the stuff you send me.
Your emails and the information in them have
reached so many people and helped them out
enormously, because you cover so many different
aspects that affect everybody's everyday lives.
I guess the people I send your emails to then send
them onto the people they know and so on and so on.
So I just want you to know that you touch a lot of
peoples lives every single day and all in a very
positive way.
Keep em coming Sony and thanks for caring :)
Lots of love
Barb xoxox  (Redcliffe. Queensland)

Hi Sony
I was in such a terrible state this morning….
I told my daughter off, screamed at my husband
re laundry and then placed myself in front of this computer –
I wish to Thank you from deep within…
A ton of bricks has lifted and I feel peaceful.
You’re a beautiful soul who touches people on all
different levels…
Thank you….
…with love
Mary (America)

Thanks Sony,
Spot on! Yes, I am a teacher and I am slow to make friends. Yes, I always trust my intuition with people.
Alissa (Rowville. Australia)
Dear Sony
Wow, thank you that is spot on! Someone did really hurt me (husband and father of my son) and we separated, and more recently a short term boyfriend
tried to take away myself esteem as well, but I walked away unscathed from that.
Yes, I am a nurse. It's good to know my son is emotionally balanced and knows I love him! Thanks for the advice about B Group vitamins, evening primrose oil and bananas, it's funny because just today I took evening primrose oil just instinctively.
Yes, my son does not have much sugar at all, and yes I have noticed what happens when he does! I, on the other hand, rely on it too much to get me through the day and to satisfy my cravings for it!
Thanks so much Sony.
Llp. Karli. (America)
Hello Sony
I read your profile and find you very interesting.
I love your website and love everything you stand for.
Thank you for taking the time to help.
Your reading of my energy levels at that time in my life were pretty precise. A friend of mine was going through a divorce and was draining my energy a lot.
Sony, I am truly grateful for my reading. Your love in
helping people will be replenished in ten folds....
I love your essence and wish you well.
Take care
with love
Mary  (America)
Hey Sony
Thank you so much for our session. I know it was a while ago, but since then I've been kicking goals left, right and centre, and my anger is pretty well gone!!
And yeah I just wanna thank you again and again, cause you really helped me through a hard time in my life!!
Carl xoxox (Ferntree Gully, Australia)
Wow Sony!
You have read me like a book, thank you so much, bless you, I am all of those things you say. I do have to put up that wall of protection, as I learned that I am a empath.
You're very right about me being in a lot of emotional pain, I do take a little while to trust but once I do I will be as you say a rock for them.
Bless you my friend I really appreciate this reading, it is so spot on and accurate.
love and light
Goddess x (America)

Dear Sony
Thanks for all your time, you've become the most
strongest & most admirable female figure I've ever
had in my life. Truly you are rare & if anyone is an
Angel it is you.
You help others to help themselves & that makes you
a very remarkable person. Thank you for your friendship and everything you've done for me.
Love Gill (Croydon. Australia)

Hi Sony
Since I have read about your advice to help
with feeling down I have now found a job
and am now working ... it is amazing..
Peter (England)
Dear Sony
Thanks, you were spot on. I do work in special needs and social care. And yes, I don't care for myself enough but I am learning to do that now.
And yes, I am an Earth Angel, so you are definitely right again. Thank you for confirming this for me.
Love, Light and many blessings
Margaret xxxxxxx (America)
Dear Sony
Your readings were spot on. The reading of the
young friend of my son was perfect in every way.
I know this as he has spent many hours telling me
exactly what you saw.
The girl you read was also spot on. She is going
through some hard times too at the moment.
What you saw in my face was spot on.
Thank you for the face readings.
You're brilliant I must say.
Love and peace
Vicki (Australia)

Dear Sony
Thanx so much for all the support & guidance over the past 6 months & basically helping me love me again!
Lots of love
Kylie (Australia)

 Dear Sony
Thank you for taking me for work experience.
I had a great time.
Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it and
I learnt a lot.
Bye for now
Joanne (Australia)
Hi my name is Dee
I met Sony Crystal when I had fallen to my lowest point in my life. I was once a financially comfortable and independent woman who worked 8 to 15 hours a day. I was raising 2 beautiful children from a past emotionally and physically violent marriage. I owned my own home.
Fourteen years later I met what I thought was the man of my dreams. Unknown to me this monster was a shadow of the past returning to haunt me.
After nine years of this marriage this relationship destroyed my life. In the past three years I have lost my family home and all of it's possessions.
I now find myself, thanks be to God, away from this man. I am now sleeping on a $59 mattress on the floor.
Well I want to reassure you that if it was not for this beautiful Angel Sony who unconditionally counselled me over the phone free of charge and held my hand all the time, I don't know if I would be alive today.
No matter when or how Sony is always there for you and she is so smart, and knows so much about why and how to solve a problem.
I admire her intelligence as I have had counselling with my background of abuse, and my other psychologists didn't even show me the same compassion as Sony did.
If it was not for this Angel Sony I would not be writing this testimonial, as I truly was going to end my life. I had had enough of the constant one after another disappointments.
I feel stronger now to face my demons, and I also know Sony will always be there for me.
I thank you Sony for all that you have done for me. God bless you always with light and love.
love Dee ( Mill Park. Australia)
Hi Sony,
How's it going? It was great meeting with you the other day, I feel so much better, the cds are brilliant, I have used them on the boys as well and have noticed a positive change.
The affirmations are great, they make me feel so much better. I look forward to our next appointment.
I am studying The Rules book that you have recommended, which I wish I had got a hold of years ago.
You're correct the products you suggest to use actually work.
Thanks and kind regards
Janine  (South Yarra. Australia)
Dear Sony
You are such a warm and generous spirit and
have a joyful and enthusiastic personality that
draws people to you.
Thank you so much.
Love Emma (Australia)

Dear Sony
I like your complete openness.
You have a lovely, warm, honest 
face and a nice smile.

And I thought you were American!
Monika  (Melbourne. Australia)
Dear Sony
You are one of the most caring people I have ever met, you have so many beautiful qualities about you.
Take care always
Cheryl (Australia)

Dear Sony
Many many thanks for all your help & support.
I have appreciated having you as a friend -
you are such a great sanity - check!
I feel that with all your guidance, I am now
blossoming & becoming a real woman with her
own mind!
Lots of love
Lou xxx (Australia)
As a uk medium, acupuncturist, nutritionist and dowser who has been treating people for allergies for over 30 years, I have found your site to be very interesting and informative.
Jean Cuss (UK)
Dear Sony,
Thank you so much for all your help and support.
You have been such a pillar of strength for me.
I have so appreciated your guidance.
Now that you are in my life, I am truly blossoming.
Thank you again.
All my love.
Lou xoxoxo (Yarra Valley. Australia)

Thanks Sony

I was actually thinking about booking you again for some counselling sessions when I was going through this stuff, but like I said, the idea of jumping in the car for a long drive was quite daunting, and although I know you would counsel me over the phone, I felt it needed to be in person. 

My local GP put me on to a counsellor at Anglicare in Bayswater. I got 6 free sessions (government funded) but it was very clinical and very text book advice like. I didn't really feel a nice connection with the counsellor compared to you, although she was very nice, and genuinely wanted to help, it just wasn't the same. 

I guess in some ways it was good to get a comparison, because it made me appreciate your sessions on a whole new level. Your technique is far more personal, the background music and candles really help to create a relaxing atmosphere, which in turn made it easier to open up, and the knowledge you passed onto me, you can't learn from a text book. 

Your advice always came from life experience, and a place of intuition (as I've said before, often you would just say things that I needed to hear). 

You were strong enough to overcome your life experiences and highly intelligent to know, that there was a reason behind the experiences. You did the work you needed to do to heal yourself and now you pass the knowledge onto others. 

I just wanted you to know that you are doing an amazing job at helping others, I'm sure I speak for all the many women you have helped. 

Perhaps when I do come down that way I will make an appointment with you for a counselling session, just for a top up. I'd rather pay you money for the advice and intuition you give, than take a free session that's text book advice. 

Much love Gilly xoxoxo

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