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Sugar depletes your body of calcium, because calcium is used to neutralize the effects of sugar, and then the bones become osteoporotic due to the withdrawn calcium. Likewise, the teeth are affected, as they lose their components until decay occurs and hastens their loss. 

Refined sugar is void of all nutrients; therefore it responsible for the depletion of the body’s own ability to store and maintain adequate stores of vitamins, minerals and enzymes needed for the body to function properly.

If you continue to consume copious amounts of sugar, this will result in an over-acidic condition, whereby more minerals will be taken from deep tissue and vital organs in the body to correct the imbalance.

As the body becomes deficient in nutrients that it has used to metabolize sugar, this will lead to further problems it not being able to detox from poisonous residues. These wastes accumulate through the brain and nervous system, which speeds up cellular death. The bloodstream becomes over-loaded with waste products, and symptoms of carbonic poisoning result. 

Sugar causes a thickening and stickiness of the blood therefore inhibiting the blood flow into the capillaries, therefore also limiting the supply of vital nutrients to our gums and teeth, this leading the gum disease & teeth becoming weak.

Diabetes is a disease that we commonly associate with over consumption of sugar as well as a high fat diet. Diabetes is caused by the failure of the pancreas to produce adequate insulin when the blood sugar rises.
A concentrated amount of sugar introduced into the system sends the body into shock from the rapid rise in the blood sugar level. The pancreas eventually wears out from overwork, and hence we have type 2, or otherwise known as mature onset diabetes.

Hypoglycemia occurs when the pancreas overreacts to the large amount of sugar in the blood, and releases too much insulin leaving one with the “tired” feeling, as the blood sugar level becomes lower than it should be.

A recent article in the British Medical Journal, entitled The Sweet Road to Gallstones, reported that refined sugar may be one of the major dietary risk factors in gallstone disease. Gallstones are composed of fats and calcium. Sugar can upset all of the minerals, and one of the minerals, calcium, can become toxic or non-functioning, depositing itself anywhere in the body, including the gallbladder.

A very large percentage of our population have gallstones, and for many it has meant surgery in removal of the gallbladder. The symptoms include incredible pain, bloating, belching and intolerance to certain foods. You can also develop gallstones from fatty, deep fried foods as well as highly sweet sugary foods.

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