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Healthy Food To Help With Depression, Diabetes, IBS,
Bi-Polar, Hypoglycemia, 
Gluten Allergy & Weight Loss
I am a diabetic who is also very allergic to gluten. I have terrible reactions to sugar and gluten. This is a list of the most healthy & tasty foods I know of so far. Whenever I discover another healthy product I shall add it to this list.
When you become a diabetic, and/or you have a gluten allergy and are sensitive to sugar, it can be quite a daunting experience trying to find food that is both tasty and safe for you to eat. I hope that I have made your search a little easier for you.

If you are someone who just wants to become healthy and prevent yourself from developing diabetes, bi-polar, obesity, arthritis, high blood pressure and cancer, then this healthy food list may just help you.

Sugar And Gluten Free Food


O Organic Fruit & Vegetables W & Organic Origins

O Organic Dates W & R 

O Himalayan Salt W, R, & G

O Clipper Super Special Organic Coffee R & G

O Clipper Super Special Organic Decaf R & G

O Clipper Organic Dandelion Teabags G

O Republica Organic Decaf W

O Absolute SuperFood Organic Raw Cacao Powder R

O Natvia (Sugar Substitute) W & R

*Warning! Have only four daily teaspoons of Natvia. All sweeteners if taken in excess cause depression, stress, anxiety, irritability, anger, panic attacks and insomnia. Too much stevia can cause some people to experience tingling and numbness in hands and feet. It can also cause bloating and stomach problems.

O Planet Organic English Breakfast Tea Bags G

O Planet Organic Earle Grey Tea Bags G

O Planet Organic Peppermint Tea G

O Simply Organic Ground Cinnamon R

O Simply Organic Cayenne R

O Simply Organic Turmeric R

O Fountain No Added Sugar Tomato Sauce with Natvia W

O Nuttalex Olive Lite Margarine Lactose & Gluten Free W & R

O Paul's Organic Milk   R

O Absolute Organic Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil R

O Monica's Mixes Gluten Free Organic Paleo Flour R

O Mainland Organic Spreadable Butter W & R

O Bee Vital Organic Apple Cider Vinegar   R

O Macro Organic Virgin Coconut Oil W & R

O Macro Organic Free Range Chicken W

O Organic Free Range Eggs W & R

O Macro Organic Frozen Mixed Berries   W

O Macro Organic Frozen Mango   W

O Macro Organic Frozen Raspberries   W

O Macro Organic Frozen Spinach    W

O Lakewood Organic Pomegranate Juice R

O Blue Ocean Organic Salmon Slices    W

Organic Dates
(Woolworths, Organic Fruit & Vege shops)

2 litres or more of purified water a day

Nirvana Organic Stevia 
(Health food shops)

Natvia (Healthy & natural sugar replacement)
(Health food shops, Coles & Woolworths)

*Warning! Have only four daily teaspoons of Natvia. All sweeteners if taken in excess cause depression, stress, anxiety, irritability, anger, panic attacks and insomnia. Too much stevia can cause some people to experience tingling and numbness in hands and feet. It can also cause bloating and stomach problems.

Peppermint or plain tasting Olive Leaf Extract
(Health food shops, Chemists) 

Organic Free Range eggs
(Coles, Woolworths, Ritchies & Organic fruit & vege shops)
St.Dalfour (France) 100% Sugar Free Spreadable fruit jam
(Coles, Woolworths, Ritchies & Health food shops)

* Diabetics need to be careful with jam because it really raises your blood sugar levels considerably.

Millina's finest gourmet organic pasta sauce
Sugar free. Hard to find these days.
(Health food shops & Richies)
Organic coconut oil for cooking
(Coles, Ritchies, Health food shops)

Spiral Organic Coconut Oil
(Ritchies, Coles & Health food shops)

* If you are a diabetic, I would advise 
you only have 1 - 2 tablespoons of coconut 
oil a day. As a type 1 diabetic I have 
noticed that if I have too much coconut 
oil, that the nerves in my feet are affected 
and they go numb. 

Once I reduced how much I oil I was 
having the numbness disappeared.
Even though this is the ultimate healthy
oil for cooking with, it is still a fatty oil 
which a diabetic can have trouble with.
*Be careful when buying gluten free foods because many of them have way too much sugar in them. Look for products that only have up to 6 grams of sugar per serving and you should be ok.
*Something you have to watch out for too if you are gluten intolerant or celiac, is gluten free foods that contain carrageenan, lecithin,polysorbate-80, polyglycerois and xanthan gum. 

These obnoxious ingredients wreak havoc with our already damaged intestines, and before you know it, you are back on medication for severe intestinal inflammation. Here is a link to learn more:

Emulsifiers in packaged foods are wreaking havoc with our digestive tracts:

Organic dandelion peculated coffee
(Coles, Woolworths, Ritchies & Health food shops)
Clipper Super Special Organic Coffee
(Only two cups per day)

Lakewood Organic Pomegranate Juice
With Cranberry & 100% Sugar Free
If you are diabetic, mix half a glass of juice with 
half a glass of purified water or mineral water
Makes healthy and delicious icy poles
(Ritchies & Health food shops)

Bee Vitals Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Gluten Free (This is one is my favourite)

Himalayan Table Salt
(Woolworths, Health food shops)

Himalayan Crystal Salt

Charles Jacquin sugar free jams.
(Health food shops)
Organic Lotus Celtic Salt for cooking
(Health food shops)
Organic olive oil
(Coles, Woolworths & Health food shops)
Organic green tea
(Woolworths, Coles & Health food shops)

Organic Rosehip tea
(Woolworths, Coles, Ritchies & Health food shops)

Organic Peppermint tea
(Coles, Woolworths, Ritchies & Health food shops)

Grants Liquid Chlorophyll

Grants Liquid Chlorophyll is nature’s green vitality boost. It’s made from alfalfa concentrate, is naturally alkaline and contains vitamins, minerals and every essential amino acid. It helps increase energy and improve wellbeing. 

Chlorophyll also provides oxygen for the acidophilus bacteria in the bowel, encouraging efficient elimination and helps cleanse the body tissues of impurities and toxins. Chlorophyll naturally takes away bad breath and body odour.   

One to three teaspoons daily, mixed with a full glass of water. Use as a refreshing mouthwash or add to fruit or vegetable juice. Try it in soups or with your favourite salad dressing. 

When taken internally in adequate amounts chlorophyll may reduce or eliminate offensive body and breath odours caused by food, beverages, tobacco and perspiration.


Bee Vital Organic Apple Cider 
(Ritchies & Health food shops)


Life Springs Organic Colloidal Minerals
(Health food shop)
Allan Sutton's Original Colloidal Silver  Earth Angel, Sony Crystal,
Allan Sutton's Original Colloidal Silver
(Health food shop) 
Excellent for preventing colds, the flu and viruses
A diabetic's best friend!
Just one small capful in a glass of water every day.

Way To Life Colloidal Silver
(Health food shops) 
Just one small capful in a glass of water every day.

Rochway Olive Leaf Extract with Multiply PLUS  Earth Angel, Sony Crystal,

Rochway Olive Leaf Extract with Multiply PLUS
probiotic formula
(Health food shop)

When you need to build up your body's immune system. This formula is simply amazing!
Take it every day for protection against viruses.
At the first sign of a sore throat, quickly have some of this and you will chase that cold away fast.

amazonia-group-homepage  Earth Angel, Sony Crystal,
Organic Purpleberry
The Queen of the berries!
(Health food shop & online)
This product has:
*   Over 20 essential and non-essential amino acids
*   Complete essentail fatty acids with omegas 3, 6 & 9
*   Low Gl (glycemic index)
*   Over 16 different types of anti-oxidants
*  Over 42 times the antioxidant concentration of Red Grapes
*   Over 101 times the antioxidant concentration of Goji Berries
*   Very rich source of Anthocyanins.
Purple berries have a flavor similar to blackcurrants and actually tastes good.
So basically with an ORAC level of over 101,495!
the Purpleberry is the Queen of the berries!
Healthy Eating,  Earth Angel, Sony Crystal,
   Organic Fruit & Vegetables
There are many sources of antioxidants available to help boost your health. Most of these sources come directly from consumption of high quality, fresh, organic and preferably locally grown vegetables and fruits.
But there is a catch. The catch is that, to get the most potent antioxidant content from the fruits and vegetables – they need to be organically grown and processed. Here’s why.
Research shows that certain organically grown fruits and vegetables have significantly higher levels of potent antioxidants than traditionally grown foods.
The key to all this is a large family of natural anti-oxidant compounds called polyphenols. Polyphenols exist in plant floods and their contribution to the antioxidant capacity of the human diet is much larger than even that of vitamins. And a subclass of this antioxidant-rich family found in fruits and vegetables is flavonoids.
In response to environmental stressors like insects and other competing plants, plants produce flavonoids with potent antioxidant activity.
Unfortunately, conventional growing methods that use pesticides and herbicides hamper the production of flavonoids.
Plants exposed to pesticides and herbicides have less of a need to produce such compounds. And therefore, these plants produce fewer antioxidants than organically grown food. You don’t want to miss out on polyphenol flavonoids because they can:
  • Improve your memory and concentration
  • Boost the effectiveness of vitamin C in your antioxidant network
  • Regulate nitric oxide – a potent free radical that regulates your blood flow
  • Help promote your healthy heart
  • Bolster your immune system
So, to take advantage of the highest potency flavonoids and rich antioxidants, always choose organically grown fruits and vegetables.
Fresh organic foods are important not only for what they give you, higher levels of antioxidants and nutrients, but also for what they don’t give you… exposure to pesticides, herbicides, and non-organic fertilizers.

Organic Origins

Fresh organic fruit and vegetables home delivered to all parts of Victoria, including country areas.

If you want to be full of energy, look younger, lose those extra kilos and have optimium health, then read this amazing book. I highly recommend it.
Raw Energy by Leslie Kenton.  Earth Angel, Sony Crystal,
Raw Energy by Leslie Kenton
This information was on the back cover of                   THE NEW RAW ENERGY by LESLIE KENTON
Raw energy is unique, healthful quality found only in fresh, uncooked foods. A high raw diet in which 50 -70 % of your foods are eaten raw can help you lose weight, prevent colds and flu, and retard aging.
It can also help banish stress and fatigue, make you feel fitter and younger and give you a sense of vitality which you may not have experienced before.
The New Raw Energy includes over 100 delicious recipes for salads, dips, dressings, soups, main courses, breads, drinks and desserts which demonstrate that a healthy diet need never be a dull one.
Drawing on hundreds of scientific papers, this meticulously researched work shows how Raw Energy can work wonders for your body and your life.
  • Cautionary advice on how cooking may damage your health
  • How to create a Raw Energy Kitchen
  • How to manage a Raw Energy Diet away from home
  • The 'amazing plant factors' and 'secret energies' explained
Earth Angel, Sony Crystal,
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