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It is time that many more people showed their love & appreciation for our beautiful home Earth, by choosing to only buy products that are kind to the environment as well as to our bodies.  
Our very survival depends on all of us making a big change in the way we treat ourselves, the people around us and our planet Earth.
I feel sad when I see women in supermarkets still standing infront of the cleaning products containing harsh chemicals, without even once considering the harm it will do to the environment.
Seventy percent of what is in supermarkets is bad for your health and the environment. Instead of thinking 'Save The Money', let's change it to 'Save The Earth'.
There are now cheaper, natural, alternative products available for cleaning our homes. By buying non toxic cleaning products our bodies & the Earth will be a lot better off.
For many years men have created body care products for women that are full of toxic chemicals that are easily absorbed into women's skins, travelling into their bloodstreams and finally ending up in their organs.
So many women all over the world are still buying makeup and hair cleaning products today that are full of chemicals which are also absorbed into their bodies.
All the products that women use for their homes & bodies eventually are washed down the drain and out into the environment.
As a counsellor for women, I am here to remind you to learn to not only love yourselves & your bodies but to also love our beautiful Mother Earth.
The following list are products that I believe are very effective and are of the best quality. I have personally used all of these products and I am very impressed with them. These amazing products contain organic ingredients and do not have any chemicals in them.
Remember that whatever your skin absorbs will travel straight into your bloodstream and then into your organs. After the toxic chemicals have been building up for a while in one or more of your organs, you may develop cancer, tumors and God knows what else.
These are the the two organic shops that I go to, to buy the following environmentally friendly products.
Eastfield Organic Foods
Ph:(03) 9723 0257
Trading Hours:  9.OOam - 6.OOpm   Mon - Fri
                                 9.OOam - 2.OOpm   Sat
@  Fresh Organic Fruit & Vegetables
@ Organic & Chemical free Cleaning Products
@ Chemical free make up
@  Grains, Seeds, Pulses, Beans
@  Organic Espresso Cafe
@  Naturopathic Dispensary
Address: Dennis Alexander & Staff                
                  41 The Mall              
                 Croydon Sth   
                 Australia   3136
Cnr Eastfield & Bayswater Roads
If you or someone you know suffers serious skin problems and pain in the joints, these products could really help. Tom McArthur has helped so many people. Tom's products actually healed where many other products had failed. So many people suffer with pain in their joints, eczema, ulcers and nothing works for them.
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  1. 5 Oct 2010 ... With only a high school education, Tom McArthur spent decades making ... "It is amazing that natural products have so many ways of working. ...
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This is a link where you can find information about the Ecologic & Emma products.
Dishwashing Liquid
Dishwashing - Ecologic Diswashing Liquid
Laundry Liquid
Laundry- Ecologic Laundry Liquid
Fabric Softner
Fabric Softner -  Ecologic Fabric Softener
Floor Cleaner
Floor Cleaner- Ecologic Floor Cleaner
Multi-Purpose Spray
Mult-Purpose Cleaner- Bio-Logic Multi-Purpose Spray
Toilet Spray
Multi-Purpose Spray - Bosisto's Multi-Purpose Eucalyptus Spray. Kills germs 99.99%. Cleaner for
bathroom, toilet, kitchen, laundry pre-wash, spots & stains on clothes, carpets & fabric, natural antiseptic, muscular aches & pains and insect bites. You can buy this in Safeway supermarkets.
Ecologic Alphine Toilet Cleaner
Toilet Cleaner - Ecologic Alphine Toilet Cleaner
Coconut Handwash
Hand soap - Biologika Coconut Hand & Bodywash
Bubble bath
Bubblebath - Envirocare Bubble Bath. You can find products for dishwashing machines, pets and many others things on this website.
Biologika Coconut Shampoo
Hair Shampoo- Biologika Coconut Shampoo
Hair Conditioner- Biologika Coconut Conditioner
Nature's Symphony- Moisturizing Conditioner
Here is a link to learn more about this amazing product. If you have damaged hair and have tried many natural shampoos that left you hair tangled, then try this one.
Your hair will become silky, soft and manageable. You'll love it. I consider this one the best natural shampoo & conditioner.
I have tried so many different products and this is the only one that really delivered.
Leave In Hair Conditioner
Leave-In Hair Conditioner - Al'chemy Leave-In Conditioner.  Protects hair from environmental damage and is great for styling.
Mystic Wish Deodrant
Deodrant - Biologika Mystic Wish Roll on Deodrant
Natural Toothpaste
Toothpaste- Red Seal Natural Herbal Toothpaste. This one is not too runny or too thick. It is just right.
Facial Wash - Emma Organics Facial Wash. It is great for taking makeup off.
Emma Facial Scrub
Facial Scrub - Emma Organics Exfoliant Facial Scrub
Toner- Kosmea Hydrating Rosewater Mist
Kosmea Moisturising Lotion SPF 30+
Moisturiser - Kosmea Moisturishing Lotion SPF 30+
(fantastic for wrinkles!)
Hand & Body Lotion
Hand & Body- Kosmea Radiant Hand & Body Lotion
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