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I did not know that I had diabetes for two years.
One day I started to notice that I was constantly drinking a lot of water & orange juice, but yet was still unable to quench my thirst. I was very tired all the time and my vision was becoming blurry. My feet smelt like honey! I had lost a lot of weight too. 
I was advised by a friend to go straight to a doctor. After tests were done, the doctor told my friend that I had only two weeks more to live and that I should be taken to the hospital immediately. The doctor said that I was very lucky that I had not had a heart attack yet.
At the hospital, they couldn't understand why I hadn't gone blind yet or had a heart attack. That was twenty years ago and so far I have been lucky enough not to have any complications. Let's hope that it stays that way.
For the rest of my life now as a diabetic I will have to take four insulin injections every day. Here is a list to show the symptoms of diabetes.

Symptoms Of Diabetes

Foods That Are Bad 
For Diabetes

Sugar & Gluten Free Food 
For Diabetics

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Gluten Allergy

The Side Effects Of Gluten On The Mind & Body

As a child I was also allergic to gluten, something I did not know at the time, so as I grew up I felt very
tired most of the time. I couldn't concentrate in class
at school and got in trouble for daydreaming a lot. I spent most of my childhood infront of the television.
As an adult who still did not know that I had a gluten allergy, I felt completely unmotivated to exercise so I gained a lot of weight. This also I believe contributed to me becoming a diabetic.
We know that not everyone becomes a diabetic because of sugar abuse, but when you read the information on the links I have provided, it will give you a great deal to think about.
I read in a book that a test was done by scientists
on a group of pregnant rats, where they excluded manganese from their diets. You get manganese
from vegetables. When the rat's litters were born,
their babies either had no pancreas or faulty ones.
This test proves that there is quite obviously a
real connection between diet and the formation
of healthy offspring.
Just what if women who are pregnant and don't eat enough raw organic vegetables, or still boil their vegetables in water like so many did in the old days, are therefore lacking in manganese, and as a result are having babies that are born diabetic or who have faulty pancreases, in other words they suffer with low blood sugar problems.
Now we know there are many busy pregnant women these days who are often too tired, or can't afford to include fresh raw organic vegetables in their diets. So as a result they are missing out on manganese.
In studies on cot deaths doctors discovered that babies blood sugar levels were extremely low at the time of death. Which indicated that in each case that their pancreas was not functioning normally.  
More and more children are now being born with low blood sugar problems or diabetes. Children with low blood sugar problems have pancreases that are not working efficiently. When they become adults their pancreas stops working completely, (especially if they had excess sugar in their diets) and in the end they become diabetics. 
There are cases where children can develop diabetes as early as the age of six. This is something that is really upsetting for parents. 
There was another test done on rats by scientists where for one month they fed one group of rats a junk food diet which was full of sugar. At the same time they fed another group of rats only healthy food without any sugar.
After one month the scientists placed a bowl of water and a bowl of alcohol infront of the two groups of rats. The rats on the junk food diet went straight for the bowl of alcohol, and the rats on the sugar free diet went for the water. The rats on the junk food diet also behaved more aggressively.
So then they switched the rats who had been on the junk food diet with sugar, on to the healthy sugar free diet. As a result of this, in just one month these rats also just went for the bowl of water, and were a lot more peaceful too.
Processed cane sugar destablises or even destroys our bodies natural balance. I firmly believe that if people stopped having processed sugar in their diets, they would as a result lose their craving for cigarettes and alcohol. Cigarette manufacturers actually add sugar to their products in order to make people become addicted to them.
Here are links to give you information about the  connection between sugar, alcohol, cigarettes and diabetes:
Just in Time for Halloween ...
17 Oct 2006 ... His liver is in the same condition as someone who had been on a long alcoholic binge: thus firmly establishing the sugar-alcohol connection. ...- Cached - Similar
The truth is the presence of sugar in cigarettes is the main source of lung cancer, based on experimental studies. This was done by conducting experiments ...- Cached - Similar
7 Aug 2006 ... >Essentially, diabetes is related to
elevated blood sugar levels, so the logic goes, eat more sugar, get diabetes. ...- Cached
2 Jan 2010 ...Sugar is not as sweet as it seems. Along with many preservatives and dyes added to foods, sugar can cause changes in behavior.- Cached - Similar
To maintain a normal level of endorphins in the brain the individual must eat more sugar and/or carbohydrates to get out of depressionand maintain a normal ...- Cached - Similar
Furth, A. and Harding, J. "Why Sugar Is Bad For You." New Scientist.”Sep 23, 1989;44. .... “Effects of Sugars on Indices on Glucose Tolerance in Humans. ...  - Cached
21 Feb 2008 ... Sugar can cause drowsiness and decreased activity in children .... Minimal effect on blood sugar and insulin levels ..- Cached - Similar 
Here are some studies that have been done on sugar and its effects. I don't know how those health care professionals can say that sugar is ok after reading ... - Cached - Similar

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