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Millions of people all around the world are suffering from depression. Nothing seems to make them feel happy or fulfilled. They also feel stressed a lot of the time, so in the end they turn to their doctors for help.
These days many doctors too readily prescribe anti-depressants, for just about everything a person could possibly be suffering depression from.
Some anti-depressants can be very addictive even within a week, and you can suffer terrible withdrawal symptoms if you try to get off them. Many people stay on them for years and can't get off them, even if they really wanted to. 
In many cases anti-depressants don't even help that much with depression. One of the side effects of taking anti-depressants for a while, is that you may develop suicidal feelings. 
I recommend that you try the healthy and natural approach first, before you head down the path of anti-depressants, a path of no return for many.
When you are suffering depression the first thing a doctor should look at is your diet, or whether you have developed Bi-Polar, but most of them don't.  These days many people are now sensitive to sugar and allergic to gluten.
Both sugar and gluten allergy can cause depression. I was told by a nurse that doctors are purposely not trained enough, about the relationship between diet and mental health. The huge and powerful drug companies are behind this.
Instead of prescribing natural herbal remedies that don't have any harmful side effects, or trying to find out if a patient is allergic to gluten and sensitive to sugar, doctors prescribe anti-depressants for just about everything.
Strong medication should only be used after the herbal medicine has failed, when the situation is life threatening or the patient has developed Bi-Polar.
There are so many reasons for depression.
Here are some of them:
B group vitamins  deficiency
Iron Deficiency
PMT (deficiency in B6, Magnesium & Zinc)
Post Natal
Post Menopause
Childhood Abuse
Childhood Molestation
Relationship breakdown
Financial Difficulties
Sexual Abuse
Emotional Abuse
Physical Abuse
Weight Gain
Death of a loved one
Parent separation
Work bullying
Loss of privacy
Loss of a job
Work Pressure
Family pressure
War Trauma
The first five reasons for depression above can be attributed to diet alone, sugar, gluten allergy and toxic aspartame can cause: depression, fatigue, irritability, mood swings, aggression, weight gain, insomnia, bi-polar & diabetes.
Many people all around the world are still not aware of how much effect these highly addictive food products, have on the health of our minds and bodies.
People blame themselves for not been able to stick to their diets, without realizing that their brains have become addicted to sugar & gluten.
Sugar and gluten are addictive substances to our brains just like drugs are. Sugar unbalances your mind and your body. so you start to crave unhealthy food. 
Sugar actually makes you feel hungry, even after you have had a meal not too long ago. You also start to develop cravings for more and more sweet things.
I am always amazed at how so many diet experts and famous people on television, are still not aware of this information. This information is all over the internet.
So bottom line, sugar & gluten are addictive and they make you feel tired.  Because many people are not aware of this, they wrongfully blame themselves for their weakness in not being able to diet or exercise.
So as a result, not only do they suffer depression from sugar and from having a gluten allergy, they also become even more depressed at their inability to stop eating so much and gaining weight.
Thus it becomes a vicious cycle for many people. The gluten & the sugar makes them feel depressed so then they eat more foods, which contain gluten & sugar, to comfort themselves emotionally, which only makes them feel worse and they end up on a merry go round they can't get off.
Finally when they can't take all the depression & stress anymore, they wind up at the doctors. Most doctors, without even investigating the cause of the problem, will simply just put their patients on anti-depressants. Less work for the doctors and more money for the drug companies.
Doctors will mostly say "Oh you're depressed a lot?, can't sleep?, oh you're stressed a lot too, okay then, here's something that will help" and before you know it, they are writing you out a prescription for anti-depressants.
It's quite scary when you find out how many people all around the world are now on anti-depressants. The drug companies must be very proud of themselves. Making money is more important to them than we are. 
The big drug companies have more control over what doctors do than we realize. Many doctors are too afraid to lose their licence if they don't peddle drugs to us from drug companies, so they're hands are tied as far as trying to use natural & chemical free therapies on us. 

Read my blog about Colloidal Silver and you will see how much clout the drug companies have.
Teaspoon of Sugar
In order for your body to digest sugar, it has to deplete itself completely of all the B group vitamins.
Just half a teaspoon of sugar shuts down your immune system for three and a half hours. 
The results from a B group vitamin deficiency are that you can suffer depression, fatigue, mood swings, aggression, irritability, insomnia and memory loss. 
Sugar can also cause a decrease in your insulin sensitivity, thereby causing abnormally high insulin levels which makes you gain weight. Too much insulin causes you body to store fat.
So even if you buy food products that are fat free and gluten free but contain loads of sugar, not only can you suffer fatigue, depression, irritability, mood swings, aggression and insomnia, you will gain weight as well.
After years of punishing your pancreas with too much sugar, not only could you be suffering severe depression, stress, anxiety, obesity & maybe missing a few teeth, you could also be running the risk of developing diabetes. 
Many people are suffering depression, and becoming diabetics now because there is so much sugar in everything we eat.
Here are links to learn more about the connection between sugar and depression:
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Lots of refined sugar and refined carbohydrates
(meaning white bread, pasta, rice and most processed foods,) is also linked with depression because these ...
To maintain a normal level of endorphins in the brain the individual must eat more sugar and/or carbohydrates to get out of depressionand maintain a normal ...- Cached - Similar
Furth, A. and Harding, J. "Why Sugar Is Bad For You." New Scientist.”Sep 23, 1989;44. .... “Effects of Sugars on Indices on Glucose Tolerance in Humans. ...  - Cached
21 Feb 2008 ... Sugar can cause drowsiness and decreased activity in children .... Minimal effect on blood sugar and insulin levels ..- Cached - Similar 
Here are some studies that have been done on sugar and its effects. I don't know how those health care professionals can say that sugar is ok after reading ... - Cached - Similar
21 Feb 2008 ... Sugar can cause drowsiness and decreased activity in children .... Minimal effect on blood sugar and insulin levels ...- Cached - Similar
I have studied & used all the different types of sugar replacements,  most have bad side effects, some make you hungry all the time, some spike up your blood sugars and make you gain even more weight!    
The only one that came up without any side effects and with many great health benefits was STEVIA a herbal sweetner. You can now buy stevia products in most supermarkets. One stevia product that tastes good is 
For more information about all the health benefits of stevia, look at the page Stevia. A Herbal Sweetener.
Gluten in bread
Gluten & Depression
Many people still do not know that having a gluten allergy can also cause depression, fatigue, irritablity, aggression, weight gain, panic attacks, mood swings, an inability to concentrate and insomnia. Gluten can be found in bread, cereals, pasta, biscuits, cakes, pies, pizzas, battered food and many other products. Please look at the page Gluten Allergy for more information.
Here are links to learn more about the connection between Gluten & Depression:
19 Oct 2007 ... Eating gluten can cause depression. Eating gluten if you are a coeliac (diagnosed or not) seems to have an impact not only on your physical ... - Cached 
2 Mar 2009 ... Consistently we find patients who are suffering from depression and anxiety to be gluten sensitive. How could a food cause depression? ...
 - Cached - Similar 
21 Apr 2004 ... Effects of Gluten. Read about the devastating effets of gluten. For some gluten can have devastating effects and others it does not bother.
 - Cached - Similar 
Gluten is a protein that may become harmful to health if taken in processed foods on a regular basis. Check out what is gluten and how can it be harmful.... - Cached - Similar   
Sugar & gluten play a big part in Obesity, Depression, Stress, Bi-Polar & Diabetes.
Here are links to learn more:
People with bi-polar disorder need be aware of the connection between diet and ... Given the weight gain and diabetes caused by some bipolar meds this is critical....has said about sugar and bipolar: Sugar: is it really that sweet? ... - Cached - Similar

 Watch out for gluten free foods that contain toxic additives.

* Emulsifiers in gluten free packaged foods are wreaking havoc with our digestive tracts:

Sugar Causes Depression

Gluten Causes Depression

Hypothyroidism Causes Depression


Sugar & Gluten Free Food

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*Warning! Have only four daily teaspoons of Natvia. All sweeteners if taken in excess cause depression, stress, anxiety, irritability, anger, panic attacks and insomnia. Too much stevia can cause some people to experience tingling and numbness in hands and feet. It can also cause bloating and stomach problems.

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Potentials Unlimited Hypotherapy

I also believe in Hypnotherapy for helping with Depression. This a great website that I refer all my clients to:
I have seen amazing results in many of my clients after they have listened to Barrie Konicov's hypnotherapy products. On Barrie's list of subjects that he can help you with are Depression, Weight Loss, Alcoholism, Cigarette Addiction, Healing Past Abuse, Attracting Love, Self-Confidence, Peace Of Mind and many others.
The weight loss is wonderful, it will help you to lose your addiction to white sugar, gluten products,
and also help you to only want to eat healthy food. 
I ordered and downloaded mine in mp3 form. It is easier, faster and cheaper. It will cost you $19.00 per mp3.
The Stop Being Angry is absolutely amazing!!  This is what Carl, a young man who had anger issues and who plays football, wrote in a email to me after listening to it:  
Hey Sony 
Thank you so much for our session.
I know it was a while ago but since then
I've been kicking goals left, right and centre
and my anger is pretty well gone!!
And yeah I just wanna thank you again and
again, because you really helped me through
a hard time in my life!!   


I highly recommend the following mp3s:

You need to listen to the cds/mp3s at least once a day, every day, for thirty days or more. Everyone heals in their own individual time, so I recommend that you listen to them until you get the results you desire. 
I personally have listened to them for years, because I believe that people who were abused from the time they were born, can take a lot longer to heal. Every day I learn to love myself more and more.

Organic Bananas

I always advise my clients to eat two organic bananas when they are suffering depression. Organic Bananas are great for stress & depression because they are full of the feel good B group vitamins. Here is a video that shows you all the health benefits of organic bananas. 
Bananas are high in B group vitamins that have been shown to improve nerve function.
Bananas are high in potassium, which helps normalize the hearthbeat and regulate the body's water balance. During periods of high stress, our body's potassium levels tend to be rapidly depleted: eating bananas is a healthy way to rebalance them without using drugs.
I have also seen great results in depressed women when they have taken Blackmore's Executive B Stress tablets. I believe many people these days are lacking in the B group vitamins so as a result they are unable to cope with stress and suffer depression. 
Not only do many people these days consume too much sugar & gluten, many do not eat enough fresh raw organic fruit & vegetables, which also causes them to develop a deficiency in the B group vitamins.
It is no wonder that so many of us are suffering from stress, depression, irritability, aggression & insomnia.
Even after reading all this information, unless you become a diabetic like I did, you will find it hard to give up sugar. Because you may be addicted to sugar like so many are now, you may probably choose to ignore this information.
There are so many delicious sugary temptations everywhere you go, and there are so many foods in the supermarket that now contain too much sugar.
If you find that you cannot give up sugar completely, then have it as a treat when you go for a coffee with a friend or when you go to a restaurant.
After indulging yourself with a treat, just see how you feel emotionally and physically within a 24 hour period. If you feel irritable, stressed, argumentive, aggressive and depressed, I would think twice about indulging myself if I was you.
The same goes for gluten, if you have an allergy to it, you will find it very hard to give it up. Gluten is in so many delicious foods. When you go to a cafe, most of the time, all of the foods displayed in the glass cabinet have gluten in them.
If you are allergic to gluten, you too will give it up eventually after you get sick of being tired all the
time, overweight, stressed & depressed a lot. You will also get sick of experiencing painful inflammation in your joints and having a terribly acidic stomach.
It is amazing how much weight you lose and how much more you can think clearly, when you take gluten out of your diet. If you need any information or advice please don't hesitate to email me.



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