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Books are very special to me because they helped me to survive and overcome all the life challenges I have experienced. There are so many wonderful books out there to assist women with whatever challenge they are facing.  I want to share with you some of the most helpful books for women I know of.
Three books that I believe every woman in the world should possess are: The Rules by Sherrie Schneider & Ellen Fein, Pulling Your Own Strings by Wayne Dyer, and Men Who Hate Women & The Women Who Love Them by Susan Forward.
Sweet Poison by David, Sony Crystal,  

The Sweet Poison
by David Gillespie
This book will educate you about all the bad things sugar does to your body.

Jul 1, 2010 ... Gillespie's book, Sweet Poison, tells the story of his battle ..... If it makes you feel bad after eating it, you probably shouldn't eat it. ...

The Sweet Poison Quit Plan by David Gillespie, Sony Crystal,
The Sweet Poison Quit Plan
by David Gillespie
Click onto this video to learn about David Gillespie's
new book The Sweet Poison Quit Plan.
David says Sugar makes you fat...
The Rules Book, Sony Crystal,
The Complete Book of Rules, Sony Crystal,
The Rules 
& The Complete Book of Rules
by Ellen Fein & Schneider
If you are really want to become happily married read the white book called the Rules. This book will help you to gain complete respect from men.
This book will still help you even if you have been already dating someone for a while or living with them. If you have been taken for granted then this book will turn everything around, and your boyfriend or husband won't be able to get enough of you!
The red book is the complete set of The Rules books
combined into one.
Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man, Sony Crystal,
Act Like A Lady - Think Like A Man
by Steve Harvery
If you want to understand what a man's intentions are towards you and how serious he is, this book will really help you to understand him and what is motivating him. Fantastic book! Before you start to date read The Rules and this one. You will then be able to easily sort out the diamonds from the rocks.
The Men Who Hate Women & The Women Who Love Them, Sony Crystal,

Men Who Hate Women & The Women Who Love Them by Susan Forward & Joan Torres

• Does the man you love assume the right to control how you live and behave?
• Have you given up important activities or people to keep him happy?
• Is he extremely jealous and possessive?
• Does he switch from charm to anger without warning?
• Does he belittle your opinions, your feelings, or your accomplishments?
• Does he withdraw love, money, approval, or sex to punish you?
• Does he blame you for everything that goes wrong in the relationship?
• Do you find yourself “walking on eggs” and apologizing all the time?

If the questions here reveal a familiar pattern, you may be in love with a misogynist — a man who loves you, yet causes you tremendous pain because he acts as if he hates you.In this superb self-help guide, 

Dr. Susan Forward draws on case histories, and the voices of men and women trapped in these negative relationships, to help you understand your man’s destructive pattern and the part you play in it. 

Susan shows how to break the pattern, heal the hurt, regain your self-respect, and either rebuild your relationship, or find the courage to love a truly loving man.


Mothers Who Can't Love 
By Susan Forward

 A Healing Guide for Daughters, Susan Forward, Ph.D., author of the smash #1 bestseller Toxic Parents, offers a powerful look at the devastating impact unloving mothers have on their daughters—and provides clear, effective techniques for overcoming that painful legacy.

In more than 35 years as a therapist, Susan Forward has worked with large numbers of women struggling to escape the emotional damage inflicted by the women who raised them. Subjected to years of criticism, competition, role-reversal, smothering control, emotional neglect and abuse, these women are plagued by anxiety and depression, relationship problems, lack of confidence and difficulties with trust. They doubt their worth, and even their ability to love.

Susan Forward examines the Narcissistic Mother, the Competitive Mother, the Overly Enmeshed mother, the Control Freak, Mothers who need Mothering, and mothers who abuse or fail to protect their daughters from abuse. 

Filled with compelling case histories, Mothers Who Can’t Love outlines the self-help techniques Forward has developed to transform the lives of her clients, showing women how to overcome the pain of their childhood and how to act in their own best interests. 

Why do I think I am nothing without a man, Sony Crystal,

Why Do I Think I Am Nothing Without
A Man? by Penelope Russianoff
Are you the kind of woman who really believes that all your problems in your life will disappear, as soon as your shining knight in armour arrives to rescue you. 
Unfortunately in the real world it seems to be the other way around for many women. They seem to be rescuing men all the time at the expense of their own happiness.
Oh yes there are of course, many abusive men secretly masquerading as shining knights in armour just waiting to save lonely & desperate women, but there is always a price to pay for that kind of rescue service.
These charming men end up taking control over your life more and more. At first this will make you feel cared for and secure after doing it on your own for a while, but in the end that control over your life can become downright suffocating.
They also try to make you financially dependent on them just in case you wake up to the fact, that you are been abused by them so then you can't escape their clutches when you want to.
Once they know for sure that you love them and are totally dependent on them, that's the time when they start to gradually bring out the knives of emotional and/or physical abuse.
They will tear your self-esteem down so much that in the end there is nothing much of you left. When they have totally destroyed your self-esteem, you will stop caring about yourself and you will stay, which is what they want.
This book will help you to understand how much you are missing out on while waiting for a fantasy man to appear and how much of your precious time is being wasted.
The real truth is that the right men are attracted to happy and confident women. Women who really take care of themselves, have good friends, who have jobs they love and know how to enjoy life. Women who have a great sense of humour and know how to have fun with or without a man. The more you value yourself as a woman the more men will value you.
What every woman should know about Men, Sony Crystal,

What Every Woman Should Know
About Men by Dr Joyce Brothers
This is the best book in helping you to know what makes a man happy in a relationship. This book is fantastic!! Very helpful information about how to keep a relationship interesting and spicy.
It teaches  you about how not to end up as doormat and being taken for granted. You will have to order this one in.
Women who love too much, Sony Crystal,
Women Who Love Too Much
by Robin Norwood
This book is for women who keep wishing and hoping he will change. Are you one of many women who did not get enough love and attention from your busy father?
Do you fall over yourself to please a man because you think he will in return give you back all the love, praise and attention you didn't get from your father as a child?
Well sorry to inform you but many many men in this world also did not receive enough love, praise and attention from their fathers. The primary focus in your relationships with men who had absent fathers and/or absent mothers, will be on who can get enough of the attention from who, which usually ends up in many heated arguments and tears.
Many couples break up, thinking they can find someone else who will be able to give them a more never ending supply of attention, but it's not going to happen. No one can be there for you 24/7. You have to learn how to give yourself love, praise and attention as an adult, with or without someone around. 
Set Yourself Free, Sony Crystal,
Set Yourself Free
by Shirley Smith
This one helps women who are co-dependent on men and self-destruct whenever a man leaves them. While they are in a relationship with a man these women forget their friends and family completely. Their focus is totally on the man. He is like a drug to them.
I would say that women who are co-dependent on men did not receive enough love and attention from their fathers. Maybe they got everything they wanted when they were young, money, toys, plenty of trips to McDonalds, clothes, computer games etc etc but the one thing they really wanted was for Dad to spend quality time with them and that he couldn't give her.
So as an adult she can only fall in love with men who are emotionally distant or unavailable because they are married or have a girlfriend. The less time he spends with her the more she thinks she is deeply and completely in love with him, when in reality she is playing the old tapes of her childhood, where her father was never really available or emotionally close.
There will be no man who will ever be able to fill her forever empty bucket, no matter how much time and attention he gives to this kind of girl. Even buying everything under the sun for her won't ever fill that empty bucket. This is really something she has to fix herself.
She has to wake up to what she is doing and then work on dealing with it. Otherwise she will always end up losing her partners one after another by emotionally suffocating them or breaking up other women's relationships.
The Cinderella Complex, Sony Crystal,
The Cinderella Complex
by Colette Dowling
Are you the type of girl who waits for hours at home
for that phone call, or are you waiting for your knight in shining armor to come and solve all your problems? This book will show you that there is a much better way to live your life as a woman.
Emotional Blackmail, Sony Crystal,
Emotional Blackmail
by Susan Forward
Do you let others manipulate you through guilt? There are so many mind games that insecure, low self-esteem and selfish people can use to control and abuse you. It is time that you took back your power and learn how to create a happy life for yourself. Read this book!
Men are from Mars Women are from Venus, Sony Crystal,
Men Are From Mars,
Women Are From Venus
by John Gray
This book helps you understand man language.
Men and women are complete opposites in the way they relate to life emotionally and physically. Men like to take action and women like to communicate to solve a problem.
Males show their love by doing things for their partners, so if the female does not allow them to do this for them, the male will start to become more and more distant with them. He will also become less attentive in bed and start looking for appreciation from other women.
All the male wants in return for what he does for the woman he loves is to know that his partner is grateful for what he does for her and how much she really appreciates his help. When a female does show her appreciation and gratitude to her partner, the more he wants to do things for her and the more closer he feels to her.
With females it's completely different, they show their love by communicating with their partners. If their partner does not really listen to them or validate them, the female becomes more and more distant with their partner. The sex between them gradually becomes pretty well non existent.
Eventually the female stops wanting to do little things like making a cup of tea or making a special meal for him. She might even start looking at other men to find someone who will listen to her & validate her as a person.
If a man does validate his partner and really enjoys listening to her, this will make her feel closer and more sexually attracted to him. She will also be more grateful and appreciate the things he does for her.
She might even show him how much she appreciates him by giving him a beautiful back massage or making his favourite meal for example.
The answer for a woman on how to achieve a much more closer relationship with her partner is to let her man show his love for her by doing things for her.
The more she shows her genuine appreciation and gratitude, the more he wants to do for her and the more closer he feels towards her.
This also works between mothers and sons. The more the mother shows her appreciation & gratitude for
what her son does for her, the more her son wants to do for her and the closer he feels towards his mother.
And the answer for a man on how to create a more closer relationship with his partner, would be for him to sit down at least once a day or so and just listen quietly to her while she talks about her experiences during the day or any problems she has. 
He would also have to not offer any solutions on how he could solve her problems, unless she actually asks him to. By just listening to his partner about her problems helps her to get them out from circling around in her head, and then she finds the solutions herself.
Men have a different way of solving their problems,
they like to take action, go for a quiet walk alone, go play some golf or go for a drive to sort things out.
If women gave them the space to do this instead of
trying to constantly communicate with them about the problem, men would be a lot happier with them.
Many older men just don't understand females, so a woman could ask her partner nicely to just sit down and quietly listen to her until she was finished, without him interruping unless she directly asks him for advice.
If she explained in the beginning that it would help her to feel closer to him in every way, I am sure if he loved her, he would be more than happy to do so.
This also works for a man with his daughter. If a man listens to his daughter without interrupting her and
does not try to solve her problems, his daughter will also feel much closer to him and open up a lot more.
When a man makes his partner and his daughter feel safe and comfortable in expressing their feelings with him, he will always have a close relationship with them.
If a woman shows her partner and son how much she is grateful to them and really appreciates what they do for her, she will always have a close relationship with them.
So you see, as females and males we are complete opposites in the way we show our love, and what makes us feel closer to our loved ones.
Toxic Parents, Sony Crystal,
Toxic Parents
by Dr Susan Forward
This book helps you to understand how your upbringing has a big impact on your adulthood. If your parents destroyed your self-esteem, it doesn't matter how many people tell you that you look beautiful and that you are a wonderful person, all that you will remember is the repeated negative messages from your parents while you were growing up. 
How to win friends & Influence People, Sony Crystal,
How To Win Friends & Influence People
by Dale Carnegie
Are you lonely and want to make friends? Do you want to learn how to communicate effectively with others? Then this is the book.
Creative Visualization, Sony Crystal,
Creative Visualization
by Shakti Gawain
This book teaches you how to visualize what you would like to attract to yourself and so much more.
Wonderful book and enclosed is a great cd with affirmations!
The Secret, Sony Crystal,
The Secret
by Rhonda Byrne
The Secret book unlocks the mysteries of your mind and explains how it works to attract what you desire. You can buy it on dvd too. There is also The Secret cd with wonderful affirmations on it. I love it!
What your mother couldn't tell you & your father didn't know, Sony Crystal,
What Your Mother Couldn't Tell You
& Your Father Didn't Know
by John Gray
This one helps you when you are in a relationship and don't understand why and what your wonderful man is doing. This book takes you into the world of a man's mind and shows you how it ticks.
After reading this book, you will no longer be upset when your other half is watching tv and is totally ignoring you. It will all make sense.
We as women use more parts of our brain at one time so we can be multi tasked as mothers and effective communicators with our children. That is why unlike men, we can talk as well as watch tv at the same time.
It is time that we realized that men relate to life entirely different to us, and we should stop trying to make them act like females. Men can't be everything for us, that is what our girlfriends and sisters are there for.
Pulling Your Own Strings, Sony Crystal,
Pulling Your Own Strings
by Dr Wayne Dyer
Don't like being controlled by people? This book is all about learning how to stop those who keep standing on your toes. You will feel free as a bird after applying the lessons you learn in this book, to those who disrespect your feelings and boundaries.
No one on this planet has the right to control you.
They can consult, discuss and voice their opinions in
a respectful manner to you but that is all.
Love is allowing another person the freedom to be themselves and live their life the way they want to.
Your Erroneous Zones by Doctor Wayne Dyer, Sony Crystal,
Your Erroneous Zones
by Dr Wayne Dyer
This one teaches you about the many games some unhappy people use to manipulate you and how to prevent them.
This is your life, you are the creator and director of it and no one has the right to tell you how you should live it when you become an adult. Only you and God knows what makes you truly happy.
Manhood by Steve Biddulph, Sony Crystal,
by Steve Biddulph
This one will really help you to understand males
much better, and why so many of them have so
many unresolved issues and take it out on us women.
Unfortunately many parents have conditioned boys for years, to believe that little boys don't cry no matter what has happened to them, and to not act like a girl.
As a result of this many boys grow up pushing all of their emotional pain and anger deep down inside. They also grow up believing females are the weaker sex because they cry when they are upset.
Mmmm! So guess who cops all that unexpressed childhood emotional pain and anger when they become men? Us the so called weaker sex. I think
this is the best book for both parents to read when they are bringing up a boy. Great present to give to any man to understand himself better as a male!
Into The Light by Doctor John Lerma, Sony Crystal,
Into The Light
by John Lerma
Are you afraid of death? After reading this book you
won't be. Each chapter is a true story about a person
from every walk of life and their experiences while dying.
This book had a profound effect on me & healed my soul while I read it. After I finished reading each chapter every morning I cried, because the true stories were so amazing and so inspiring.
God Stories, Sony Crystal,
God Stories
by Jennifer Skiff
A book about experiences people have had with God. Proof for those who are skeptical about the existence of God. This is a book for those like myself who have had strange experiences, and want to understand what happened to us.
Conversations with God, Sony Crystal,
Conversations With God 1
by Neale Walsch
Want to understand God better? This one is it!
There is a dvd too as well as book 2, 3 and 4
You Can Heal Your Life,  Sony Crystal,
You Can Heal Your Life
by Louise Hay
Louise explains how your emotions can affect your health and ways to overcome feelings of negativity.
Resentment, envy, revenge, anger, hatred, jealousy and harsh judgements are toxic for the body.
Many abused children are brought up not having the freedom to be able to express how they feel. As a result they become adults who keep everything in, until they either explode at the wrong people or develop serious health problems.
Raw Energy by Leslie Kenton, Sony Crystal,
Raw Energy
by Leslie & Susannah Kenton
Raw energy is unique, healthful quality found only in fresh, uncooked foods. A high raw diet in which 50-70 % of your foods are eaten raw can help you lose weight, prevent colds and 'flu, and retard aging. It can also help banish stress and fatigue, make you feel fitter and younger and give you a sense of vitality which you may not have experienced before.
The New Raw Energy includes over 100 delicious recipes for salads, dips, dressings, soups, main courses, breads, drinks and desserts which demonstrate that a healthy diet need never be a dull one. Drawing on hundreds of scientific papers, this meticulously researched work shows how Raw Energy can work wonders for your body and your life.


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