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A person can inherit Bi-Polar as a defective gene from their parents or grandparents. 
You can also develop Bi-Polar as a result of having a gluten allergy, and you can develop it from having a life full of stress.
Here are the symptoms of Bi-Polar:

Both Sugar And Gluten Allergy Can Contribute 
To Bi-Polar Symptoms

In order to digest white sugar, our bodies have to deplete themselves of all the stress fighting & feel good B group vitamins. As a result of this, many of us spend most of our lives experiencing varying degrees of stress, irritability, depression and insomnia. The more sugar you have in your diet, you more you will suffer severe stress, and this can contribute to you developing Bi-Polar.

Gluten which is in bread, cakes, biscuits, pies, pastries, pasta, pizzas and many other food products, interferes with the neurotransmittors in our brain, causing many of us to experience irritability, aggression, stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression.
The more gluten you have in your diet, the more stressed and depressed you will become. One good way of knowing if you are allegic to gluten, is if you have brown shadows around both your eyes. 

Brown shadows around the eyes indicate that you are reacting to something toxic in your diet. Not all people with a gluten allergy have brown shadows around their eyes. They could just suffer with stress and depression.

Blood tests don't always show that you are allergic to gluten, especially if you do not eat it all the time, so look at the page Gluten Allergy to see what the symptoms are. As a result of having a gluten allergy, you can eventually develop Bi-Polar.
The following is a link to learn more about how having a gluten allergy, can cause many people to become Bi-Polar.
Brain fog, lack of energy, motivation and focus.
All cleared up 2.5 weeks on the GF/CF diet.
Thank God for Enterolab.

/bipolar-or-adhd-caused-by - 53k -Similar pages

Signs & Symptoms 
of Gluten Intolerance

Could YOU be Gluten Intolerant? 

Find out HERE:

The New England Journal of Medicine listed 55 “diseases” that can be caused by eating gluten. These include osteoporosis, irritable bowel disease, inflammatory bowel disease, anemia, cancer, fatigue, canker sores, and rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and almost all other autoimmune diseases. 

Gluten is also linked to psychiatric and neurological diseases, including anxiety, depression, dementia, schizophrenia, migraines, epilepsy, and neuropathy (nerve damage), as well as autism.

Foods That Are Making You Stressed, Depressed And Angry

People all around the world are now consuming twice the amount of sugar and gluten than all the previous generations did, therefore there has been a dramatic rise in people experiencing stress, anxiety, anger, mood swings, irritability, depression, aggression, obesity, Bi-Polar & diabetes.
You can always tell which are the countries who consume too much sugar and gluten, and have B group vitamin deficient diets. They are the ones that have the most cases of violence, alcoholism, diabetes, mental illnesses, high blood pressure, cancer and obesity.
It is a known fact that severe stress can bring on
Bi-Polar too, so it stands to reason that so many of us, who have consumed way too much sugar and gluten throughout our lives (therefore experiencing many years of stress), as a result eventually become either Bi-Polar, Diabetic or both.
Even when a person has been diagnosed with Bi-Polar and is taking the correct medication, if they are having sugar in their diet and are allergic to gluten, they can still experience depression, stress, anger, irritability, panic attacks and mood swings. Both sugar and gluten can totally cancel out the good effects of their Bi-Polar medication.

Foods That Aggravate 

This is something doctors do not know much about yet, because they are purposely not trained enough, about the toxic effects of sugar & gluten allergy on the brain. The large drug companies are behind this.
They just want people to become addicted to their antidepressants.

The Toxic Effects Of Sugar On The Mind & Body

The Toxic Effects Of Gluten Allergy On The Mind & Body

Foods That Contain Gluten

Sugar And Gluten Free Food

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*Warning! Have only four daily teaspoons of Natvia. All sweeteners if taken in excess cause depression, stress, anxiety, irritability, anger, panic attacks and insomnia. Too much stevia can cause some people to experience tingling and numbness in hands and feet. It can also cause bloating and stomach problems.

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If you react negatively to sugar and you are allergic to gluten, there is a strong possibility that you could eventually develop Bi-Polar and/or diabetes.
Both sugar & gluten are highly addictive substances to the brain, so one solution would be to increase the intake of chromium rich foods, or take chromium supplements to assist in reducing sugar cravings.
The other solution would be to buy sugar free products containing only stevia (a herb that helps to stop sugar cravings) and organic gluten free products. Natvia is a healthy and natural sugar replacement that is made from stevia:
Sugarless Organic Stevia is another great product to replace sugar.

Many people now have a yeast inbalance in their digestive systems, thanks to having too many anti-biotics through the years, and consuming a diet full
of sugar, yeast and alcohol. 
To rebalance the digestive flora in their system a person would have to take Rochway Olive Leaf Extract with Multiply Plus Probiotic Formula (available in health shops), to reduce sugar cravings.
Using the herbal sweetener Stevia would also help
reduce sugar cravings.
A person with Bi-Polar would become a lot more happier and peaceful, if they had a sugar & gluten free diet, that included plenty of raw organic fruit, vegetables and organic nuts.
Making sure their diets include plenty of B group vitamin rich foods, Omega 3 fatty acids and a 72 trace element mineral supplement, is vital to a person with Bi-Polar. 
The link below may assist in learning more about the
value of having Omega 3 fatty acids and mineral
supplements in a Bi-Polar person's diet.
A natural cure for Bi-Polar disorder, trace elements
(or trace minerals) dramatically improve bipolar
disorder, the daily seafood diet is a highly effective
If you want to see how much sugar and gluten can
affect someone with Bi-Polar, all you have to do is
look on the internet and type in Sugar & Bi-Polar, Gluten & Bi-Polar, Sugar & Depression, Gluten &
Depression. Everything you want to know is there.
Doctors won't give this information when they put people on medication for Bi-Polar.  
Both sugar & gluten interfere with neurotransmitters in the brain bringing on mood swings and personality
changes. Sugar can also damage DNA in embryos causing genetic disorders, that could be passed onto
future generations. A fact that most people do not know.
You may refer to this link to learn more about all the things that sugar does to our brains & bodies.
 Furth, A. and Harding, J. "Why Sugar Is Bad For You." New Scientist.”Sep 23, 1989;44. .... “Effects of Sugars on Indices on Glucose Tolerance in Humans..
A person can show a few signs of Bi-Polar when they are a child and then as they grow older, their symptoms become much worse. If they haven't yet realized that they have it, when they become 40 or 50 years old, that person could head straight towards having a nervous breakdown. 
They may live a life where they have to drink alcohol nearly every day, and/or take drugs just to deal with the stress and depression Bi-Polar brings. Even worse still they may commit suicide, as a result of the severe stress and depression they experience.
What happens when a person develops Bi-Polar is that the brain has stopped producing a chemical, that controls their emotions and impulses  
They will feel extremely stressed to the point that many will have to drink alcohol frequently, and smoke a lot of cigarettes in an attempt to feel better. 
When they are out in public, sometimes they will feel  overwhelmed by everything they see & hear. They won't to be able to look straight at people, they will keep looking at the floor whenever they can, or look nervously around at things. 
They could feel paranoid and feel that everyone is
watching them.  Bi-Polar tricks them into thinking
that everyone and everything in their life, is severely stressing them out.
It is their reality just like your reality is all that you know and believe. So it is very hard to convince someone with Bi-Polar that they have a problem with their brain.
We all have a fear of being labelled crazy by others. So many people suffering with Bi-Polar will live in denial about it, not see a doctor, and mask the symptoms with alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.
A person with Bi-Polar will not have any control over their emotions, when they are happy life is one big party, when they are depressed they can become so depressed that some commit suicide (especially if they are a male because it is in a male's nature, to not show any sign of weakness). 
When a person with Bi-Polar goes shopping - they
can shop till they drop! (what bills?!). When they are selfish - they are very selfish and when they are generous - they are way too generous!
When they think - they can think too much about too many things at the same time. There are many times where they can't even sleep at night, because their thoughts are racing around madly in their head. At other times they will think too slowly, and not be able to focus on anything for too long.
When they stay at home - they will stay at home alone too much, and then at other times want to be out all of the time. 
When they drink alcohol -  they will not be able to stop drinking. As long there is alcohol infront of them, they will keep on slugging those glasses down. 
When they gamble - they can gamble away everything, their money for the rent, their bills and even all their money for food. Afterwards they will go around to their friends and family begging for a loan.
When they spend money - well, after they have totally spent all the money in their accounts and used up their credit cards, watch out because they could try to empty your account too. 
When they become angry - well let's just say they kind of overdo it. They can corner a person and verbally attack them for a whole hour sometimes. Males can become physically aggressive over little arguments.
When they are dating - having sex on the first date with a complete stranger is normal to them, having many different partners is also ok, and having sex all the time is never enough for many of them.
They will at times act like they have no conscience about what they do to others, and then act quite the opposite, worrying constantly about what others think of them. 
They will at times talk very fast, and at other times not be able to find something at all to say! 
Some days they will be really friendly with people, and other days won't want anything to do with anyone 
Some days they will feel completely unmotivated and want to sleep all day if possible, and other days they
won't be able to sleep at all.  
There will be days where they will feel super confident, and other days they will feel completely insecure. 
So basically all their emotions and impulses will behave like an out of control roller coaster!
If a person with Bi-Polar does not seek help with this,
as the years go by, they will become so stressed that they won't even be able to leave their home. They will become more and more depressed, cry a lot, experience panic attacks, and completely isolate themselves from others.
At around fifty years of age or even much earlier, 
a person with Bi-Polar could find themselves waking up in the mornings, experiencing severe panic attacks.  
They could find themselves rocking back and forth in their armchair, shaking & crying a lot through the day. They might find themselves standing in one spot and not being able to move for ten minutes or more. 
This can happen when they are coming very close to suffering a nervous breakdown. Their brain can no longer produce any more of the chemical needed to help them cope with all the highs and lows, the severe
stress, the deep depression and the panic attacks. 
They will need to find someone to drive them to a doctor very quickly. The doctor will probably put that person on Valium for a short time, until they find out what exactly is wrong.
If a person does have Bi-Polar, the doctor will tell them that they have a chemical imbalance in the brain, and will have to take medication for it.
It does not mean they are nuts, it just means they have to replace that missing chemical that is not being produced by their brain anymore, to help balance out their emotions and impulses, so they don't go from one emotional extreme to another, and they can control their impulses again.
*I must warn people who have already been diagnosed with Bi-Polar that even if you have found the right medication for you, you could still suffer depression and lose control of your emotions after having lots of sugar, gluten, honey, fructose, glucose, sucrose, mannitol, deep fried fatty food, full cream dairy foods, lemonade and alcohol.
Having a gluten allergy can also cause you to still suffer depression, low motivation, tiredness and have panic attacks, even if you are on good medication. Read the Gluten Allergy page.
Sugar depletes the body of a person with Bi-Polar, of all the B group vitamins, causing them to feel depressed, moody, nervous,  paranoid and irritable. They may think their medication is not working and keep trying different ones. 
Please click onto my page Healthy Food. I have done
all the hard work and found tasty and safe foods for
people with Bi-Polar. 
Here are links to learn more about the connection
between Bi-Polar, Gluten Allergy & Sugar:
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All cleared up 2.5 weeks on the GF/CF diet. Thank
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6 Jun 2006 ... According to an article in the Spring 2006 issue of bp Magazine, a decrease in the amount of sugar you consume may actually sweeten your ...
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Seek help! Look on the Internet, there is so much helpful information about Bi-Polar now.
See a doctor if you feel that that you might have Bi-Polar. You would see a doctor if you had a broken leg, so what if you have a broken brain! All you need to do is to take medication, that will supply your brain with the missing chemical, that is not being produced by your brain anymore. The medication will balance out your emotions so you will have control over them again.
Try your best to find a medication that won't turn you into a vegetable.  Big deal if you have to go on Bi-Polar medication! Wouldn't you like to have control over the impulse part of your brain?! Wouldn't you like to have your relationships with family, friends and partners back to normal again?   
The following are supplements to help you nourish your nervous system. Make sure you don't double up on certain vitamins, and consult with your health food shop assistant. 


Rochway Olive Leaf Extract

Natures Own Zinc + B6 Magnesium 
Take two with each meal.  
Here is the Nature's Own Website link where you can read information about this product.
Blackmore's Executive B
Blackmore's Executive B capsules 
Fab Iron Capsules
*Fab Iron Capsules  
 They don't constipate you.
Lifestream Organic Colloial Minerals

*Lifestream Organic Colloidal Minerals
Nature's Own Sugar Free Vitamin C

*Nature's Own Sugar Free Vitamin C 
Organic Bananas are great for stress & depression.  Earth Angel, Sony Crystal,                     
Organic Bananas
This is a link to learn more about all the wonderful health benefits of bananas. Bananas are great for stress & depression. 

*Nature's Own Evening Primrose oil capsules  

*Essential oils Omega 3 in the form of Purpleberry, Flaxseed Oil or Fish Oil capsules. Pick one you prefer.

Complete essential fatty acids with omegas 3,6 & 9
In order to feel stress free and peaceful, stay away from all forms of sugar, gluten, high fat dairy food & deep fried food. Replace white sugar with Natvia: and only buy gluten free products.
The Natural Medicine Guide by Stephanie
The Natural Medicine Guide To Bi-Polar Disorder by Stephanie Marohn
This is a great book to read about Bi-Polar. It will help you to understand it and how to live with it. The book also explains how sugar & gluten affects people with Bi-Polar.                   
Please look at the page B group vitamins, to learn about what the effects of having a B group vitamin deficiency, have on our minds & bodies.     

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