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I have been counselling women for over twenty five years now. I have found the best, cheapest, easiest and simplest methods to help women of all ages, to overcome each one of their life challenges.

 Love Affirmations

I teach women how to love, respect, nurture and protect themselves. I help women to heal themselves after having been emotionally abused. I teach women how to empower themselves and become assertive.

I Love Myself 

Self-Love Is Not Selfishness

“Loving yourself has nothing to do with being selfish, self-centered or self-engrossed. It means that you accept yourself for who you are. Loving yourself means that you willingly accept total responsibility for your own development, growth & happiness.”

Self-Love is not the same thing as Selfishness. On the contrary it is really the exact opposite....You are of greater help and service to all when you take proper care of yourself, and you are at your best. 

Selfishness is being concerned only with yourself and no one else. It is ego-driven, as you attempt to gain material goods, use others for your own gain, and you think that you are far superior to others due to your talents, knowledge, actions and more, while looking down on others as "beneath you".  

Self-Love is taking good care of your needs to allow yourself to be whole and healthy. It is loving yourself enough to be fully confident in your own thoughts, words and actions, yet being able to express real openness, compassion, empathy and understanding for those of others. 



5 Emotional Wounds 
Women Carry Into Relationships 
When They Have Been Unloved As Children

I was not loved at all by both of my parents from the time I was born, and I was emotionally abused, so l was unable to love, heal, nurture, protect and respect myself for many years. 

l allowed many toxic people to emotionally abuse me for a very long time. l have experienced nearly every mental and physical life challenge a woman could ever face. 

All of my many life challenges have helped me to develop an even deeper empathy, and a much better understanding and compassion for other women’s suffering. 

I had to learn how to love myself, heal myself, and regain my self-esteem.  I had to also learn how to forgive all of my many abusers, so l could finally be at peace with myself and more forward in my life.

Absolutely Everybody

I really enjoy sharing information about what l have learnt from all of my life challenges, with everyone around the world.

The following links helped me regain my self-esteem and be able to love myself.

Potentials Unlimited Hypnotherapy

Guided Mind

Real Subliminal Hypnotherapy

Your Eyes Are The Windows To Your Soul

True Colours

As well as being a counsellor, I am also a Empath and a Psychic Face Reader. Just by looking at your face l can see and feel quite a lot about you. I can see all the good within you. My job is to help you to be able to love yourself, heal yourself, empower yourself and be able to reach your fullest potential.

13 Signs That You're an Empath

*I have had the gift of Psychic Face Reading ever since l was a young child. I do not read Tarot cards or any Fortune Telling. I only use my psychic gifts to help me while l am counselling women.


You’ve Got To Be

My clients have been very satisfied with the positive results they have achieved after seeing me. You can read just some of my client's and my friend's  reviews here on my website.

Please feel free to ring me for a chat to discuss how I may be of assistance to you. 

I can assist with:

* Personal Issues

* Relationships

* Emotional Abuse 

* Depression

* Stress & Anxiety

* Panic Attacks

* Rape Trauma

* Parent Counselling

* Child Counselling

* Teenage Counselling

* Anger Management

* Dating Advice

* Health Advice

* Goal Setting

* Phone Counselling Is Available

Mob: 0408 766928

Dromana. Victoria 3936 

Hours: Mon - Fri: 10am - 4pm
                Sat -   10am - 4pm
                Sun -  Closed 


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