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How you feel about yourself is exactly how you will treat yourself and other people. It will also determine how you will allow others to treat you. I teach women how to love and accept themselves in a completely non egotistical way. 

Loving yourself has really nothing to do with just being selfish, self-centered or self-engrossed. It actually means that you accept yourself for who you are, and you are comfortable in your own skin.

Loving yourself means that you are willing to accept responsibility for your own development, mental and physical health, spiritual growth and happiness.

Self-Love is not the same thing as Selfishness. On the contrary it is the exact opposite...You are of greater help and service to all, when you take proper care of yourself, and you are at your very best



I have been counselling women for well over twenty two years now. From the time I was born l myself, have experienced nearly every good, bad, ugly, crazy, ungodly, cruel, painful, disgusting, humiliating, sad, sadistic, degrading, and life threatening challenge a woman could possibly face.

Clients have told me just how much they have really appreciated the fact, that I could so easily relate to whatever they were going through, instead of just sitting there giving them that blank stare that is at times displayed by other professionals, who have not really experienced many of life's challenges.

Absolutely Everybody

l have found the easiest and simplest methods to help women overcome every one of their life challenges. I just love sharing information with everybody around the world, about everything l have learnt from all of my life challenges.

Potentials Unlimited Hypnotherapy

Guided Mind

Real Subliminal Hypnotherapy

Your Eyes Are The Windows To Your Soul

True Colours

As well as being a counsellor, I am also a Empath and a Super Natural Face Reader. Just by looking at your face l can tell a lot about you. I can actually see all the beauty of your soul. My job is not at all to judge you, but really just to help you to learn how to be able to heal yourself, and to reach your highest potential.

I have had this God given gift of Face Reading ever since l was a young child. I do not read Tarot cards or do any Fortune Telling. I only use my special gift to help me while l am counselling clients.

I Love Myself 

Self-Love Is Not Selfishness

Self-Love is not the same thing as Selfishness. You were warned not to be selfish when you were younger, like when you did not want to share your toys with others. 

Selfishness is being concerned only with yourself and no one else. It's ego-driven, as you attempt to gain material goods, use others for your own gain, and you think that you are far superior to others due to your talents, knowledge, actions and more, while looking down on others as "beneath you"

Self-Love is taking care of your needs to allow you to be whole and healthy. It's loving yourself enough to be confident in your thoughts, words and actions, yet expressing openness, compassion and understanding for those of others. 

It is taking the time out to eat healthy food, exercise, pray, meditate, listen to music, to dance, to reflect, to heal physically, mentally & spiritually, and to be authentic. It is knowing when you need to rest, versus pushing yourself to utter exhaustion for others. 

Self-Love is sharing your gifts in the best possible way with others to help them and yourself.

Self-Love is being a kind, loving and caring human being to yourself, and all around you, including all of nature. It is recognizing while you are an individual, unique soul, you are also a part of humanity, and what you do to another, will be done to you. 

Self-Love is choosing positive actions, thoughts and words to help you and everyone around you. 

It is going back to Love, and living with Love more and more. It is pausing to ask yourself what is the motivation behind my words, thoughts and actions? Are they Ego or Love driven? It is being aware and wise enough to listen more than to speak.

Self-Love is understanding and listening more to your truth, than that of others, although being wise enough to listen to others' beliefs to see if it resonates with you in some way. 

Self-Love is seeking knowledge for growth, wisdom and transformation to “Awaken a more brilliant version of you", while having the discernment to know who else lives with Self-Love.


You’ve Got To Be

My clients have been very happy with the positive results they have achieved after seeing me. You can read just some of my client's and my friend's  reviews here on my website.

Please feel free to ring me for a chat to discuss how I may be of assistance to you. 

I can assist with:

* Personal Issues

* Relationships

* Emotional Abuse 

* Depression

* Low Motivation

* Stress & Anxiety

* Panic Attacks

* Rape Trauma

* Parent Counselling

* Child Counselling

* Sibling Counselling

* Teenage Counselling

* Friends Counselling

* Toxic Bosses

* Manager Counselling

* Staff Counselling

* Police Counselling

* Anger Management

* Dating Advice

* Goal Setting

* Phone Counselling Is Available

Mob: 0408 766928

Dromana. Victoria 3936 

Hours: Mon - Fri: 10am - 4pm
                Sat -   10am - 4pm
                Sun -  Closed 


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