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When many men are little boys, they are told by their parents, that they must not act like a little girl by crying whenever they are upset. As a result of this emotionally damaging message, little boys grow up learning to not cry easily around others, and then just store all their emotional pain deep down inside them.

This emotionally damaging message also gives little boys the wrong impression, that all girls must be weak because they cry. As a result many boys grow up in this world with a prejudiced attitude about girls, believing that they are the weaker sex. 
Crying is the body's healthy and natural method of coping with stress, emotional pain, physical pain and the loss of a loved one. Crying helps our bodies to release important endorphins, which help us to cope emotionally with our life's hardest challenges.
If you tell any child, whether they are female or male to not cry when they are upset, they will learn to store all their pain deep inside until they reach adulthood. When they become adults and enter into a close relationship, all those years of stored up emotional pain will resurface, and unfortunately will be unleashed onto their innocent partners.
This is just one of the reasons why so many women all around the world are being emotionally and physically abused by men. There are also those women who abuse their partners too, because as children they had parents, who did not allow them the freedom to cry and express their feelings either.
Another bad thing about telling boys not to cry as children is that you teach them not to trust their
own feelings. So as they grow up, they become more and more disconnected from their inner guidance.
For many years there have been millions of men around the world, who have grown up feeling unlovable and unempowered. In the old days men were the boss of the house and so their sons never learnt how to feel empowered. I daresay that fathers in those days, didn't really know how to empower their sons even if they had wanted to.
For generations now there have always been many fathers who work very long hours. When hard working fathers come home they simply just do not have enough energy left, to give the much needed quality time and attention their sons deserve. 

Their sons are too young to understand why their fathers won't spend enough time with them, and therefore they internalize being ignored on a daily basis, by thinking that they are somehow not important or lovable enough, for their fathers to spend time with them.
And then there are the fathers who emotionally and/or physically abuse their sons.  These abusive fathers take out all their own feelings of insecurity, inadequacy and frustration about their own lives on their sons. By abusing their sons, these fathers gain a feeling of power, control and importance, which is something they may not have received as children. 
When a father does not feel important, powerful and has low self-esteem, he passes on his negative self image, by role modelling his behaviour on to his son. Boys need more attention than girls do from their fathers, so by not receiving enough attention from their fathers this can be quite devastating. This is something that can affect men for their whole lives.
Unfortunately when a boy grows up and becomes an adult, if he does not feel empowered and have good self-esteem, when he enters into a relationship with a woman, he will constantly compete with her on a daily basis for all the attention, control and power.
He will do this by constantly trying to destroy his partner's self-esteem in so many different ways. Sometimes it will be just through subtle insults, and at other times it will be by quite obvious attacks on her character. 

He won't help her enough with housework, bringing up their children, any emotional problems she is experiencing, any problems they are experiencing within their relationship, and will not encourage her to reach her own goals in life. 
He will also start many stupid arguments to make his partner angry, so that he can appear to be the one who is powerful and in control. At the end of the argument he will then blame her for starting the fight, which only aggravates his partner even further.
Most of the time he will disagree with just about everything his partner says, in order for her to lose confidence and trust in herself.     
If a man has low self-esteem he can not allow his girlfriend or wife to be more confident and powerful than himself, therefore he will constantly try to steal the limelight whenever they are in the company of other people.
No matter how many times his partner says good things about him, or listens for hours to him while he talks constantly only about himself, it will never be enough to make up for what he did not receive as a child.
His hungry ego will always be starving for constant praise, attention and empowerment from others. The truth is as an adult he is now the only person who can regain his self-esteem, learn how to love himself and empower himself. 

Affirmations can be a very effective tool in helping to transform a person's self image. If a man says the following affirmations outloud to himself at least once every day, he will eventually come to believe them. 

Affirmations For Men

The Truth Is..., Affirmations For Men, Sony Crystal,
You can copy, print, laminate and stick these great affirmations for men on the inside of your wardrobe door. You must say them outloud to yourself at least once every day, until you believe them.

Here is a video that you can watch every morning.
It has plenty of wonderful affirmations for you. 

How To Love Yourself & Regain Your Self-Esteem


Hypnotherapy is another important tool for men as well as affirmations, visualizations and meditation. 

This is a link to a fantastic website where men can order hypnotherapy products. There are many different MP3s, CDs, DVDs and Tapes to choose from, to help you to regain your self-esteem and become confident. I highly recommend the following MP3s:

# Chakra Meditation MS
# Self Confidence MS
# How To Attract Love MS
# Abuse Healed Through Forgiveness MS
# How To Handle Criticism MS
# Stop Being Angry MS
I personally downloaded mine in MP3 form on to the desktop of my computer because it is easier, cheaper and faster. While you are working on your computer you can listen to them, and you can also burn them onto a cd.

There are two sides to each MP3. Onc side is just music with subliminal hypnotherapy, and on the other side you will only hear the world famous hypnotherapist Barrie Konicov's voice speaking.

I burnt just the speaking sides of Self Confidence & How To Attract Love together on to one cd. Then I did same with Abuse Healed Through Forgiveness & Stop Being Angry.

In order for these hypnotherapy MP3s to work on your mind, you must play each MP3 at least once a day for thirty days or more. It takes thirty days to reprogram your brain. Play a different MP3 every thirty days. Start with Self Confidence.

Potentials Unlimited: 


Love Yourself
Real Subliminal
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The following link is for another great website, where you can order subliminal affirmations. Instead of listening to a hypnotherapist's voice, all you will hear will be the relaxing sounds of the ocean. 

This is great for those men who can not fall asleep with a hypnotherapist's voice. Your mind will receive plenty of positive subliminal affirmations, but you just won't be able to hear the voice hidden deep within the sounds of the ocean. I recommend that you first listen to:

# Love Yourself
# Self-Esteem Boost
# The Law Of Attraction

Real Subliminal

Manhood, Sony Crystal,

by Steve Biddulph
This is one of the best books you could give as a gift to a father of a young boy. It will help a man to be able to understand himself better, and enable him to be a more emotionally balanced parent to his son.
So many men in this world are sad about not having a close and happy relationship with their fathers. This book will help them not to repeat the same mistakes with their sons. 

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