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You deserve to feel healthy, happy and peaceful
Only you can make yourself feel lovable & important
Until you can love yourself, you can not love others
Reveal the Light within and allow yourself to shine.

My name is Sony Crystal and I am a :
Face Reader 
Life Coach 
Energy Healer
Vanessa Amorossi
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The More You Can Love Yourself, The More You Can Love Others, The More Others Can Love You.

Attention. Salute. 

Sony Crystal

Counsellor For Women

A woman's self-esteem can not only influence the way she sees herself, but also in the way she relates to people in her life and her relationships with men.
I am a counsellor who has helped many women of all ages to regain their self-esteem, become confident, assertive, loving, happy and peaceful.
I am able to help women heal their wounds from past and present emotional abuse. I can counsel women through a range of issues including anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, relationship issues and anger management.
As a mother of four grown up children I have been through quite a number of harsh life experiences, that have all enhanced my ability to feel a deeper empathy for others.
I help women to learn how to take better care of themselves, and how to gain more control over their lives. Many women find it extremely difficult to love themselves, and I can show them simple and very easy methods to change all that.
How you feel about yourself will determine how you will allow others to treat you, and how you will treat other people. The more you learn to love and take good care of yourself, the more you will be able to love others, and the more you will allow others to be able to love you.
If you are feeling emotionally abused, depressed, stressed, unmotivated, unloved, unhappy and lack self confidence, I can show you simple and successful methods, to help you to easily overcome these issues with lasting results.
My clients have been very happy with the positive results that they have achieved through seeing me. You can read some of my client's testimonials on my website.


Your True Colours

 Sony Crystal 
Psychic Face Reader
l am a Empath who has been blessed with a God given psychic gift. I have the ability to be able to see your true colours. When I meet you for the first time I can see your personality, your inner strengths and your weaknesses. I can also see if you are holding onto any emotional trauma from past abuse. I use my special psychic gift to help me while I am counselling women.

This psychic gift enables me to see exactly what problems a new client needs help with, when I am counselling them for the first time. Satisfied clients have written about my psychic face readings on the page Testimonials. I do not do Tarot Card Readings and Future Psychic Readings.

Love Yourself
Real Subliminal
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Real Subliminal

Subliminal Affirmations

Learn To Love Yourself

Learning to love yourself (in a healthy non egotistical way) is your gift to the world, because the more loving you become towards yourself, the more loving you will become towards others. The reward you will receive for learning to love yourself, is that you will find that others will become much more loving towards you. You will also allow others to become closer to you, and love you in your relationships.

People tend to mirror back to you how you feel about yourself. We are all telepathic whether we know it or not. We pick up on how each of us is feeling and treat each other accordingly. It is not just your imagination that when you wake up in the morning feeling loving towards yourself and happy, people tend to respond back to you in a same manner during the day.

Confide In Me  

Confide In Me
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I can assist with:
   * Family, Marriage & Personal Issues
             Anger Management
             Cigarette & Alcohol addiction
             Emotional Abuse
             Effective Communication Skills
             Anxiety & Stress
             Energy Healing
             Reaching Goals

Mob: 0408 766928 

Hours: Mon - Fri: 10am - 4pm
                 Sat:  10am 4pm
                Sun: Closed

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