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The More You Can Love Yourself, The More You Can Love Others, The More Others Can Love You.

Welcome! I hope you find information that may be of help to you on my website. I have written a lot of information for people who are unable to see me, because they live in another country.


My name is Sony Crystal. I have  been a counsellor for women for over twenty five years now.  I have taught many women how to love themselves and regain their self-esteems. 

A woman's self-esteem can not only influence the way she sees herself, but also in the way she relates to other people in her life. 

I can counsel women through a wide range of issues, including teaching women how to heal their wounds, after they have been emotionally abused, and how to let go of all their stored up pain.

My clients have been very happy with the positive results that they have achieved through seeing me. You can read some of my client's testimonials on my website.

Please feel free to ring for a chat to discuss what you would like help with. Looking forward to hearing from you.

I can assist with:

* Relationships

* Low Self-Esteem

* Emotional Abuse

* Depression

* Stress & Anxiety

* Anger Management

* Goal Setting

Mob: 0408 766928 

Hours: Mon - Fri: 10am - 4pm
                 Sat:  10am 4pm
                Sun: Closed 


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